Cantlin (Mercado in the GBC translation) is a walled city located in the south central region of Alefgard. It exists in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. It does not appear in Dragon Quest II, similar to many other locations in Alefgard. Cantlin is most famous for being guarded by a golem in the original game. It was recently featured in Dragon Quest Builders as the starting city, followed by Rimuldar.

Main series synopsis

Dragon Quest

In Dragon Quest, the city of Cantlin is typically the last major city the hero visits. It is surrounded by some of the strongest outer world monsters. When first approached, the city is guarded by a golem monster, which is triggered when the hero first attempts to enter the mountain range surrounding the city. This battle is a one time event, and is the only place where a golem can be encountered. The weapons and armor shop in Cantlin sells the best equipment the character can purchase in the game. Despite all of this, Cantlin is a not a required location to visit in order to complete the game.

Dragon Quest III

In Dragon Quest III, Cantlin contains references to its future representation in Dragon Quest, such as a man contemplating the construction of a golem to protect the city from attackers. Although all of the shops listed below exist, none of them are occupied or sell anything. The residents of the town have given up working due to the archfiend.

Weapon/Armor shop 1

Dragon Warrior (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Bamboo Pole 10g G +2 Attack
Club 60g G +4 Attack
Copper Sword 180g G +10 Attack
Leather Armor 70g G +4 Defense
Chain Mail 300g G +10 Defense
Large Shield 800g G +10 Defense
Flame Sword 9800 G +28 Attack
Silver Shield 14800 G +20 Defense

Dragon Warrior (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Bamboo Pole 10g G +2 Attack
Club 60g G +4 Attack
Copper Sword 180g G +10 Attack
Leather Armor 70g G +4 Defense
Chain Armor 300g G +10 Defense
Iron Shield 800g G +10 Defense

Weapon/Armor shop 2

Dragon Warrior (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Iron Axe 560g G +15 Attack
Steel Sword 1500g G +20 Attack
Steel Armor 3000g G +24 Defense
Magic Armor 7700g G +24 Defense
Heals 1 HP every 4 steps

Weapon/Armor shop 3

Dragon Warrior (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Flame Sword 9800g G +28 Attack
Casts Firebal when used as an item
Silver Shield 14800g G +20 Defense

Item shop

In the NES version, the item shop is referred to as a tools shop.

Dragon Warrior (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal Herb 24g G Heals a small amount of HP
Torch 8g G Lights a radius around the Hero
Dragon scale 20g G Provides a small amount of Defense
Chimaera wing 70g G Warps the Hero to Tantegel Castle
Holy water 38g G  ??

Dragon Warrior (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Dragon scale (D-Scale) 20g G Provides a small amount of Defense
Chimaera wing (Warp Wing) 24g G Warps the Hero to Tantegel Castle


100g (Dragon Warrior,NES)
 ? (Dragon Warrior III,NES)

Dragon Quest Builders

In Dragon Quest Builders, this is the starting point of the player, starting by being found dead by Rubiss inside a crypt. The player is revived, and the player starts their quest from here, digging up 10 blocks of earth with a stick, journeying out into the plains, and reestablishing light to the beaten ruins of the town.

Cantlin is the first city the player is asked to rebuild. After placing the Banner of Hope down, the town boundaries are created and the player can start receiving quest from Pippa to rebuild the town.

The player has to build rooms, collect materials and food, acquire residents, make specific items and weapons, complete blueprints, level up the base to the player's and the residents' liking (up to level 5), and bolster the city's defenses. They will have to defeat the golem and enter a stream of light to complete the chapter. The player must complete 5 challenges to unlock more recipes in Terra Incognita, the so called "nirvana" of the game.

The only residents that will fight beside you are:

The 3 lands further out of Cantlin are:

  • Hammerhood Heights- source of stone, broken branches, butterbeans, bones, coarse cloth, leather sacks, fur, silver, coal, and copper.

Nearby enemies


  • Mason's Workstation
  • Banner of Hope
  • Blue Teleportal

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