Dragon Quest XI
King of Delcadar
Japanese name デルカダール王
Rōmaji Derukadāru-ō
Gender Male
Title(s) King
Race(s) Human
Family Jade (Daughter)

Carnelian is a character in Dragon Quest XI. He rules the kingdom of Heliodor in central Erdrea.


The king of Heliodor is an old man with blue eyes, shoulder-length white hair, and a long goatee with a bushy moustache. He wears a long purple robe with gold edges on the sleeves and bottom with an orange and olive rhombus pattern and a gold collar with an intricate design. He also wears a white, toga-like garment with an olive zigzag pattern and small circles near the bottom over his robe and a long red mantle held in place over his left shoulder with a golden two-headed eagle insignia, which is the symbol of Heliodor. His crown is red and green and is decorated with gold, a single green gem at the top, and a long black plume.


Carnelian is praised as the wisest ruler in the land and is respected by his people. He is also known as a generous man, but he is strict when dealing with any disorder in his kingdom. The king is known as a master swordsman, despite his age.


Dragon Quest XI

Fall of Dundrasil

Carnelian attended the Colloquy of Kings in Dundrasil. He originally agreed with King Gustaf of Sniflheim that the Luminary could bring ruin. However this was all a test to make sure that King Irwin and Queen Eleanor would be able and just in raising the Luminary.

However the Castle was soon attacked by Mordegon who wanted the Luminary dead. Carnelian and Lord Robert secured an escape route. He then went into the secret passages to search for his daughter. However he was ambushed and possessed by Mordegon.

Under Mordegon's influence, Carnelian murdered King Irwin and branded the Luminary as the Darkspawn, commanding the knights of Helidor and his own monster army to find the Luminary for sixteen years.

World of Light

When the Luminary arrives in Heliodor, he is brought before the king, who is sceptical about his claims of being a reincarnation of a great hero. Carnelian declares the boy to be the feared Darkspawn and orders his forces to imprison him.

Carnelian is not seen again until the events at Yggdrasil where he arrives with Hendrik under the pretence of capturing Jasper. However he was still possessed by Mordegon at the time and attacked Hendrik from behind.

World of Darkness

He is seen again in the Last Bastion, rallying his troops and attempting to win back Heliodor from the monsters. He then meets with the Luminary, and asks if he knows of his daughter, Jade. He then apologises for his previous actions and makes amends.

While Hendrik and the Luminary break into Heliodor Castle, Carnelian defends the Last Bastion from attacks. After the Luminary’s triumphant return, he asks Hendrik to join him and suggests they go to Angri-La for answers.

Once the party defeat Mordegon, Carnelian and Jade reunite briefly, making a covenant pact to rebuild their fallen home.

World of Lost Time

In the new world Carnelian again travels to the world tree with Hendrick. He remarks on the shard from the Sword of Shadows and asks that the Luminary forgives his actions.

He is later released from Mordegon's control after the latter attempts to steal the Sword of Light.

He is then witness to the fall of Erdwin’s Latern and after realising the threat of this, asks Hendrik to accompany the Luminary once again.

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