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The Cathedral of Blight, also known as Orgodemir's Castle is the final dungeon in Dragon Quest VII. It is located near the centre of the world, northwest of Ballymolloy.


Constructed as the Cathedral of Light after the "Almighty" is revived, it is the main domain for the Almighty during his brief period of deception. When the 4 Elemental Spirits reveal him to be the Demon King Orgodemir, the Cathedral's true insides are shown, while the Hero and his companions storm the hellish palace with the Skystone to end him for good. The Cathedral can only be accessed with the Skystone at first, though after reaching the door after many flights of stairs, it can later be accessed from the same door during return trips. After descending into the bowels of hell, there are eggs that must be broken to proceed, though some contain monsters. Later, there are four pathways the hero must choose which path to proceed in with the Fire amulet, Earth amulet, Air amulet, and/or the Water amulet. After clearing either the Hellfire Hollow, The Chasm of Chaos, Whirlwind Way, and Whitewater Cave, the party come face to face with Orgodemir.


Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest IX[]

When fighting Orgodemir as a Legacy boss, the Cathedral's final room is shown as a background for the battle.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

The 4 passageways of the Cathedral (Hellfire Hollow, The Chasm of Chaos, Whirlwind Way, and Whitewater Cave) are dungeons during the Dragon Quest VII event.


  • The Whirlwind Way section of the Cathedral is one of the few places in the 3DS remake of VII that still has random encounters, the other two being the ocean and the Multipleximus Maximus.
  • The Cathedral of Blight's final room differs in both versions of the game, with the PS1 version having a black background and torches, while the 3DS remake onwards shows the whole DQVII game world and dark crystal floors.

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