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Celestria is a major character in Dragon Quest IX. She is a goddess and the daughter of Zenus, and is also the overseer of the Celestrian race.


Celestria has a docile expression that reflects her omnipresent character, being that she is a goddess and one of the few humanlike deities in Dragon Quest. Her long, blonde hair is accompanied by a wreath made of leaves. She has pearlescent blue eyes that are complemented by her white and purple attire. To complete her look, she wears golden jewelry on her upper arms and wrists.


Celestria is a kind hearted and benevolent goddess whose placed her faith in Celestrians to carry out her beliefs: that mortal life should be protected at all costs, especially human life. While she is firm in her beliefs, she also empathises with those who have different beliefs, even beliefs that oppose her own.

Zenus, her father, believes that wrath is an appropriate means of punishment against the mortal lives they watch over. Even through her heart-break at the words of her father, she still tries to see the good in him and aims to find a way to make him see things from her perspective.

All of this makes Celestria a righteous and courageous goddess, while also being both omniprescent and omnipotent. She is also willing to put faith in the protagonist of Dragon Quest IX, to do what she could not.


Dragon Quest IX[]

Celestria plays a major role in Dragon Quest IX, which is to watch over and guide the Celestrians that Her father, Zenus, had created for her. Her beliefs and morals are what define the Celestrian race, leading them to fulfill odd jobs or quests to aid mortal life in the Protectorate. Her presence is defined by Yggdrasil, the tree that sits atop The Observatory and is the very monument that gives Celestrians their meaning of life.

It is later revealed that Celestria is, in fact, Yggdrasil. Her father, the Almighty Zenus, grew sick and tired of the sinful nature of mortalkind and left Celestria heartbroken after he declared that he should erase mortalkind for their sins. However, she insisted that she would become the World Tree, Yggdrasil, until mortal life could prove that they have compassion and gratitude. Until then, she would remain in a slumber, as Yggdrasil, to which her father deemed her "foolish", but helps her cause in creating Celestrians to carry out her deeds.

Once all of the Fyggs are returned to her, she reveals herself to the Hero, Apus Major, Captain Sterling and Stella, informing them of her past and her transformation into Yggdrasil. After revealing herself to the Hero, she gives them a Fygg to allow them to become a mortal and asks them to dispose of the sinful Corvus.

Once Corvus is slain and peace returns to the Protectorate, she decides to remain on top of the Realm of the Almighty to fulfil her duties as goddess and to protect mortals. Even though she often calls herself Zenus' only daughter, it is later revealed that Stella could be her sister and that, long ago, they could have been one sole being known as Stellestria, an evil queen that caused hate and suffering to mortals. This was revealed in a quest, saying that Stella was an adorable "sister" to Celestria, to which Celestria states that all human angels are siblings. There are many other suggestions that Celestria and Stella are sisters, although multiple scenarios contradict one another.

Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

Celestria makes a brief appearance in Dragon Quest of the Stars' Dragon Quest IX story event.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

Appears in the main story. She helps Slamichi and the Hero's in the fight against Blair and his plan to resurect the Dark Lord.





  • Celestria's gown and raiment are available as body armor. Interestingly, they can be equipped by male characters. They can be alchemised using a nightmare gown and Saint's Ashes.
  • She is the second humanoid deity in the Dragon Quest series to make an appearance. The first being Rubiss.
  • There is a luxury cruise ship called the Queen Celestria in Dragon Quest X. There is also the strong possibility that Dragon Quest X itself is set far into the future of Dragon Quest IX, although there has yet be a definitive proof that this is the case.

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