Cetacea is a character and mode of transport in Dragon Quest XI.

A sacred white whale existing from time immemorial, Cetacea serves as the holy conveyance of the Luminary and those who serve with him.

She resembles a humpback whale with two grand wings, one on each side of the body, and is adorned with gold filigree across Her back, on Her fluke, and on the upper surfaces of each wing. Gold down covers each wing's lower surface. A blue gemstone rests in the centre of Her forehead behind the blowhole. She uses Her ventral fins as wings also.


The party can summon Cetacea via the Calamus flute from anywhere in the world, but will always launch from Luminary's Landing, located southeast of Arboria

Being a winged whale, Cetacea serves as air transport for the party. However, She comes with two caveats: first, like most other air travel, Cetacea is in constant motion when in flight; second, as in Dragon Quest IX, She can only land at designated stops, visible either as floating islands or as pillars of starlight. The player can increase speed with the R2 trigger on PS4, causing Her to barrel roll.

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