The Château de Sass is a quasi-optional location in Dragon Quest VI. Owned and operated by the style-obsessed Seymour Sass, and located in the Real World west of Wellshire, it is the site of the world-famous Best-Dressed Contest. Entrants to the Best-Dressed Contest compete in front of an audience and a panel of judges as they determine the best-looking contestant on the catwalk.

As the western half of the island is surrounded by mountains and the grounds too narrow for Peggy Sue to land, the Château is accessed via an underwater tunnel. To find the tunnel, sail the Providence to a point below the western mountain range near the center of the island. There, near the mountains' southernmost extent, bear to the left and submerge using Lorelei's harp. Moving north, pass through the tunnel to the earthen wall at its end. Surface the ship to emerge in a small lake, and walk to the Château.

The Best-Dressed Contest

Upon finding the mansion, the player can get access to the Best-Dressed Contest. The stage and dressing rooms are in the basement. Talking to the usher there grants access to the dressing rooms. The goal for each contest is simply to score as many Style points as possible against the other four entrants. A win moves the contest up to the next rank.

The first three ranks are required to advance the story beyond Sorceria, while the other five ranks are optional.


Level Style points Entry condition Prize
1180OpenSilver platter
2200Men onlyTrailblazing bandana
3220OpenPlush rug
4250Women onlyGlass slippers
5280Men onlyPlatinum headgear
6310OpenShimmering dress
7260Monsters onlySage's stone
Kingsley (recruitable)
8380OpenHappy hat


Borrowing the French word for "castle", the phrase château de has been used in English to denote a large house owned by a wealthy family. While in English it may be used interchangeably with maison de or chez (both meaning "house of"), the French usage conventions between the phrases are stricter.

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