The chain mail is a recurring set of armour in the Dragon Quest series. Light and easy to move about in, it provides a decent amount of protection to the wearer.


The chain mail consists of a long sleeveless tunic made out of interlocking chains, also known as a byrnie, as well as a set of metal pauldrons and a gorget that goes around the wearer's neck and shoulders. Worn around the waist is a metal belt. The chain mail generally provides a good amount of defence at a relatively affordable price compared to heavier sets of armour.


Dragon Quest

They can be bought at Garinham and Cantlin/Mercado for 300 G. The wearer gains +10 defense when equipped.

Dragon Warrior (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Chain Mail 300 G Defense +10

Dragon Quest II

The chain mail has a defence bonus of +12. It can be purchased for 480 gold in Leftwyne and Hamlin and sold for 292 gold. The Hero and the Prince of Cannock can equip it.

Dragon Quest III

The chain mail defense bonus of +20. It can be purchased from Romaly and Assaram for 480 gold and sold for 360 gold. The HeroWarriorsPriestsSages, and Merchants can equip it.

Dragon Quest IV

The chain mail has a defence bonus of +18. Can be sold for 262 gold and bought for 350 gold in BurlandStrathbaileLakanabaEndorVrenor, and Casabranca. The HeroKirylRagnarTornekoAlena, and Psaro can equip it

Dragon Quest V

The chain mail has a defence bonus of +19. It can be sold for 375 gold and bought for 500 gold. Prince HarryTuppenceRevaulting horsesMoosifersHyperanemonsSamiginasSlime knightsWarhogs, and Mandrake Marshals can equip it.

Dragon Quest VI

The chain mail has a defense bonus of +19. They can be bought in Somnia for 500 gold.

Dragon Quest VII

The chain mail has a defence bonus of +20 and a style bonus of +23. It can be purchased at Frobisher and the Pilgrim's Rest Inn for 1,050 gold and sold for 525 gold. The HeroKieferSir Mervyn, and Aishe can equip it.

Dragon Quest VIII

The chain mail has a defence bonus of +20. In the original version, it could only be equipped by Yangus, but in the 3DS version, both Morrie and Red can equip it as well. It can be bought for 500 gold in Peregrin Quay and Simpleton and sold for 250 gold. One set can be found in Pickham. The chain mail can be made in the Alchemy Pot by combining wayfarer's clothes with a chain whip. The chain mail can also be upgraded into the bronze armour by combining it with a bronze shield.

Dragon Quest IX

Chain mail
Defence +11
Rarity ★☆☆☆☆
Equipment Class Armour
Equipable by WarriorPriestThiefMinstrelGladiatorPaladinArmamentalistRangerLuminary
Buy Price 540
Sell Price 270
Flavor text A supple suit made from little loops of wire.
Notes Sold in Stornway and Coffinwell.

Upgrades to Holy mail and Chainmail socks.

Dragon Quest X

Comes with a top portion and a bottom portion.

Other languages

Other languages
French Cotte de mailles
German Kettenpanzer
Spanish Cota de malla
Italian Cotta di maglia
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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