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Chen Mui is a character from Dragon Quest VIII.


Chen Mui was a Dragovian and resident of the Dragovian Sanctuary along with his daughter Xia. He later discovered that his daughter had left the Sanctuary and spent time with a human named Eltrio, the Prince of Argonia, and brought her back as relationships between both races was forbidden.

Eltrio soon after died trying to reach the sanctuary, while Xia died delivering their child. Feeling guilty, Chen Mui had her buried along with Eltrio and made a grave for her at his labyrinth.

When the council of elders decided that Xia's human child should be banished, with his memories erased, Chen Mui objected to the decision only to be overruled. He then requested that he be allowed to follow his grandson along, but was only allowed to by the Lord of the Dragovians if he took the form of a mouse and never spoke to the child. Chen Mui agreed and became his pet mouse Munchie.

Years later, The Hero and his party were greeted by Chen Mui upon their arrival to the Dragovian Sanctuary. Together they learned that the Lord of the Dragovians tried to perform a ritual which allowed him to remain in his dragon form, but it drove him insane and fed off the energy of his people. Chen Mui convinced The Hero & his party to combat their Lord in hopes of saving the Dragovians.

They succeed in doing so, with the Lord of the Dragovians showing his gratitude. Noting that The Hero still had no memories, the Dragovian Lord convinced him to speak to his grandfather to learn of his past. At that point, Chen Mui revealed himself as Munchie and later informed his grandson of his past, as well as presenting him with a Argon Ring that Xia was given before by Eltrio.

In the end, Chen Mui continued traveling with his grandson as Munchie. Later on, if the hermit on the Farebury's waterfall is visited, Chen Mui will reveal himself one last time, telling his fellow dragovian that he did not need to continue his own disguise around the party.

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  • One particular Chen Mui being Munchie is both names being an anagram of each other.


  • The muscular, elderly gent living in a hut atop the Waterfall Cave is a Dragovian. When first met he hints to know what (and who) Munchie is, and tells of how popular cheese is back where he hails from and how he always gets too much pushed on him when he goes to visit, He then can offer these same cheeses to the hero, which can then be used in battle by the hero to enable Munchie to unleash breath moves. If the hero returns to his hut after Munchie identity is revealed an extra cutscene will play where he outright confirms he knew Chen Mui's identity, and in a post cutscene dialogue he adresses himself as a Dragovian.

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