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The Cirrus is a tribe in Dragon Quest VII.


The Cirrus look like ordinary humans except for one feature: their wings. These wings give the Cirrus the capability of flight. They are able to traverse short distances.

In the present, the Cirrus in Aeolus Vale have lost their wings


Long ago, the Cirrus lived in Villa Priores, located in the sky. With their wings, they were able to live peacefully with the Wind Spirit. However, something transpired among the Cirrus and they broke up into two tribes. One tribe decided to live on land. The other tribe remained in the sky.

The Wind Spirit decided to divide her gifts between the two tribes. The tribe in his sky were given the Cirrus surplice, while the tribe on the land were given the Sacred stone.

The Cirrus who lived in the world later settled in the town of Aeolus Vale.

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