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The Clash Arc (激闘の章) is the third arc of The Adventure of Dai. It covers the battle against the Dark Army at Valge Island.

On the VHS release of the 1991 series, it was split into the Crusade Arc (聖戦編) and the Hero Love Arc (勇愛編).

In the 2020 volume edition, it was combined with the Birth Arc and the Gathering Arc into a Disciples of Avan saga.



Battles & Events

  • Flazzard vs Apollo and Marin.
  • Dai vs Flazzard at the Valge Tower.
  • Leona is cast in ice
  • Flazzard raises the ice and fire tower.
  • Popp trains with Matoriv and learns zoom and sizzle.
  • Dai learns sizz
  • Dai and Baduck vs Zaboera and Myst-Vearn armies.
  • Popp and Maam vs Hadlar
  • Hyunckel betrays the Demon army.
  • Hyunckel vs Hadlar
  • Dai, Popp, Maam, Hyunckel and Crocodine vs Flazzard.
  • Dai masters the Air Slash and completes the Avan Strash
  • Leona is saved and the kingdom of Papnica freed.
  • Hadlar is revived
  • Maam's Magical gun is destroyed.
  • Maam leaves the party and returns to Romos
  • Leona joins the party.
  • The Dark Army headquarters is moved to the ocean.
  • Baran sets off to face Dai.


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