Claymore is a character in Dragon Quest Swords.


As a very laid-back person, Claymore dresses quite simply. He always has a sword by his side in spite of not being able to use it to full effect. Having lost his right arm, he has replaced it with a metal, armour-like prosthetic akin to something like cybernetics.


Claymore is known as a bit of a hard drinker and a lady's man. Whereas the other support character shout words of encouragement to the Hero during battle, Claymore yells instructions and mild admonishment.



Side Games

Dragon Quest Swords

Many years prior to the beginning of the game, Claymore was known as an exceptional swordsman, and was among those who originally took down Xiphos the Deathbringer; however, in the intervening time he lost his right arm in battle, and though he replaced it with a sort of semi-robotic prosthetic, he lost the dexterity to correctly wield a sword. Rather than become depressed about it, he put his energies towards learning magic instead.

When Prince Anlace approaches him looking for an escort to go and check up on the state of his insane mother in her hideaway, Claymore refuses, but, seeing that he'll go whether he has a bodyguard or not, advises the Hero to go with him instead. Later, when rumours of monster attacks at Secace Seacove come to light, he makes the decision to go investigate for himself, bringing the Hero along with him. After this, Claymore realises that something very grave is going on in the world, and joins the party. He travels faithfully with them right up to their confrontation with Xiphos the Deathbringer.


Dragon Quest Swords  
Spell Level Learnt
Kabuff start
Zap start
Oomph 15
Kacrackle 20
Midheal 26
Kaboom 36

Voice actors


In keeping with the The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors quirk of all characters being named after a type of sword, a claymore refers to either a two-handed cross-hilt used by the Highlanders of Scotland, or to a basket-hilted broadsword adopted in the 16th Century.


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