Cobblestone is a village in Dragon Quest XI. It is the first town visited in the game. It is also the village in which the Luminary lived for most of his youth.

The events of the main story have the village become the Last Bastion and remains as such through a part of the story.


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A Hero Comes of Age

This quaint country town was mostly unknown to the rest of Erdrea. Likewise, much of the world beyond was largely unknown to Cobblestone. When its youth came of age, they were to climb Cobblestone Tor to the south and perform a cleansing rite from its peak.

On one particular morning sixteen years ago, a child in a bassinet was picked up from the base of Cobblestone Falls by an elderly Chalky, who with his daughter Amber raised the boy as their own. With him were keepsakes of his mother. These were eventually buried near the falls, as the boy was never to know of his purpose before he came of age.

Thus did the boy live a typical life, with every up and down that came with it. He befriended the mayor Dunstan's daughter Gemma, born on the same day as he. So, when they turned 16 together, the time came for them to perform the rite.

As the pair make their ascent, monsters attack. Neither has any idea what this could mean, but they continue. Midway through the climb, Gemma‘s younger brother Cole finds himself trapped in a clearing by two smogs that attacked as he was setting up for a prank. The Luminary fights and defeats these apparitions. Gemma scolds Cole for worrying her and orders him and the family dog, Sandy, back to the village. Now unencumbered, the two are able to complete the ritual. But, as they return, a Hades condor spooks Gemma, causing her to slip from the precipice of the Tor. The Luminary rushes to grab her; but in the process, the mark on his hand activates, sending a bolt of lightning through the fiend and destroying it.

Both teenagers, somehow unable to sleep, spend the night in reflection as the Luminary is set to embark on his mission. He is to head for the kingdom of Heliodor far to the north, where his destiny may be revealed.

Soon after the sendoff, however, our hero is mistaken for an entity called the Darkspawn. King Carnelian proceeds to capture him and orders Cobblestone destroyed, with his knight Jasper leading the charge. Rather than kill the people taken captive, Hendrik, another knight captain, decides to have them jailed; though duty-bound to eliminate the Darkspawn, he respects life where Jasper does not.

Rise of the Lord of Shadows

In the months since the Fall of Yggdrasil, Carnelian has returned to sense. As Heliodor has been seized as a base for Mordegon's footsoldiers, human survivors have retreated to the field where Cobblestone once stood. There, they constructed a fortress camp that became known as the Last Bastion. Hendrik, still among the strongest of able men, has been gathering refugees from all corners of Erdrea. Under his command, those fit to serve have fought to push back Mordegon's armies and succeeded for the most part. Carnelian seizes a window of opportunity to retake Heliodor and orders the Luminary and Hendrik to launch a strike from below the castle, which is itself a shadow of what it once was.

Following the successful recapture of Heliodor, Hendrik and the Hero return to Cobblestone to find it unharmed. There, Carnelian commissions Hendrik to accompany the Luminary in the fight against Mordegon. And so the two set out to find other allies lost since the Fall.

After the party’s quest is complete, Jade visits with Carnelian and makes plans to help rebuild their fallen home.

In Search of Lost Time

Because the Fall was prevented in this timeline, Cobblestone was not repurposed. However, Amber and Gemma, along with the few remaining residents of the village, are released from incarceration and return to the ruins. The church left largely intact, they decide to build a new town around it, and commission the Luminary to find able help in their endeavour.

Thou hast defeated the spoiler.


Before events of Heliodor
Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Cypress stick 10 G Attack +7
Pot Lid 40 G Defense +2
Block Chance +5%
Bandana 45 G Defense +1
Wayfarer's Clothes 70 G Defense +7
Medicinal Herb 8 G Heals 30+ HP to one ally
Antidotal Herb 10 G Cures poison from one ally
As Last Bastion
Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Zombiesbane 6300 G Attack +54
20% more damage to undead
Bastard sword 8800 G Attack +61
Razer-wing 9300 G Attack +93
12% chance to paralyze opponent
Nightcleaver 12000 G Attack +115
Light Element
Magic shield 5000 G Defense +27
Block Chance +6%
Magical Might +12
Magical Mending +11
Iron headgear 5500 G Defense +32
Brigandine 11000 G Defense +66
Heavy armour 5000 G Defense +52
Reduces fire and ice damage by 15%
Holy talisman 2400 G Defense +5
10% instant death protection
Strong medicine 36 G Heals 50+ HP to one ally
Strong antidote 45 G Cures poison from one ally
Heals 30+ HP
Softwort 95 G Cures paralysis from one ally
Heals 60 HP
Panacea 240 G Cure paralysis and poison from one ally
Heals 90 HP
Holy water 20 G Scares off weaker monsters
Chimera wing 25 G Teleports to last place prayed
Mystifying mixture 560 G Inflicts Confusion on one enemy
Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Berserker's blade 45000 G Attack +277
Parry Chance +3%
8% chance to dazzle
10% chance wielder is oomphed at battle's start
Knife of strife 40000 G Attack +142
12% chance to dazzle
Cane of compassion 36000 G Attack +76
MP absorption 7%
Magical Mending +63
Magical Might +17
Rod of paradise 30000 G Attack +88
MP absorption 15%
Magical Mending +70
Magical Might +82
When used it casts Acceleratle on party
Anchor of rancour 36000 G Attack +155
Critical Chance +3%
10% chance wielder is oomphed at battle's start
Aristocrat's axe 48000 G Attack +158
Max MP +18
10% more damage to demons
5% chance to consume no MP
Pirate King's coat 40000 G Defense +108
Evasion +4%
Agility +37
Charm +75
Reduces wind damage by 20%
Metal king jacket 78000 G Defense +101
Evasion +8%
Reduces elemental damage by 10%
Metal king armour 98000 G attributes=Defense +126
Reduces elemental damage by 20%
Freebooter's gloves 5000 G Deftness +48
Holy talisman 2400 G Defense +5
10% instant death protection
Perfect panacea 490 G Cures one ally of most ailments
Heals 90+ HP
Mystifying mixture 560 G Inflicts Confusion on one enemy
Pep pop 200000 G Immediately Peps Up all allies
Chronocrystal 8000 G Material for alchemy

Material Gathering and Treasure

Collection Spots
Item Location
Fresh Water In the water at the base of the waterfall
Flurry Feather On roof of house across from Hero's Home
Pink pine On roof of house across from Hero's Home
Medicinal herb On roof of Gemma's House

Single Treasure Spots
Item Location
Plain clothes Cupboard in southeast corner of Hero's Home
Medicinal herb Pot in southeast corner of Hero's Home
10 G Climb ladder in northwest part of southeast room of Hero's Home
10 G Barrel behind Hero's Home
50 G In chest on roof of house across from Hero's Home
10 G Pot in Hay shed across from Hero's Home
2 G Pot behind shop
Copper ore Elevated cavern up ladder
7 G Elevated cavern up ladder
Seed of agility Elevated cavern up ladder
6 G Barrel behind church
Antidotal herb Barrel in church
2 G elevated cavern up ladder
Medicinal herb Barrel outside Gemma's house
2 G Chest behind Gemma's house
6 G Barrel inside Gemma's house
11 G Barrel close to inner gate
4 G Barrel close to river
Pink pine Barrel behind southwest house


  • The People's Friend (Outside house across from Hero's)


Most Cobblestonians speak in an accent commonly used in Bristol, England; or otherwise in South-West England.

Other languages

Other languages
French Caubaltin
German Kieslingen
Spanish Peñalabria
Italian Roccapietra
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese 伊希村
Korean Unknown
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