Cobra claw

The cobra claws is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series. It is a mid-to-end game weapon can lethally poison its target, with the success of the infliction varying between titles. Monsters will succumb to the poison at a fixed rate, ignoring any resistances save for immunity.


Dragon Quest IV PSX and DS

The cobra claw has an attack bonus of +80 and a poisoning rate of 1/6th. It can only be wielded by AlenaMaya, and Psaro and appears in the remakes only. It can be found in the bonus dungeon.

Dragon Quest V

The cobra claw has an attack bonus of +90 and a much higher poisoning rate of 1/4th, making it an ideal weapon even when alternatives with more attack power are available. It can only be wielded by Debora and several monster companions. It is found in Crocodilopolis and by either a Doom slugger or a Gloom slugger at a rate of 1/32.

Dragon Quest VI

The cobra claw has an attack bonus of +90, style bonus of +29, and a poison rate of 1/6th. It can be wielded by AmosGooberHealieSpotKingsley, Curie, Shelley, and Mercury. They can be found sometimes after fighting Aggrosculptures and Merkings, and sold for 26,250 gold coins.

Dragon Quest VII

The cobra claw has the exact same stats and bonus abilities as in VI, but may only be equipped by Ruff. It can be purchased at the Sea Dragon for 35,000 gold.

Dragon Quest VIII

The cobra claw has an attack bonus of +75 and inflicts 1.3 times damage against monsters of the Demon family. It only appears in the 3DS version of the game and can be equipped by Morrie. It can be purchased in Tryan Gully for 10,000 gold and sold for 5,000 gold. The cobra claw can also be created in the Alchemy Pot and can be upgraded into the King cobra claw by combining it with a Hades' helm. Unfortunately it has no poisonous properties in this iteration.

Recipe: Fire claw + Devil's tail

Dragon Quest IX

Game Description:"Large toxic talons, hooked like those of a hellish demon."

Attack: 93

Rarity: 2/5

Cost: 29000G

This item can be bought from Stornway. (Post-Game)

Note: This item can be upgraded to King Cobra Claws, by alchemizing Cobra Claws with 4 Terrible Tattoos and 4 Wings of Bat. Both weapons have a chance of poisoning the target.

Other languages

Other languages
French Griffe de cobra
Dents de cobra
German Kobrakralle (IV)
Spanish Garra de cobra
Italian Artigli del cobra
Artiglio del cobra
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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