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The Colossus is a human-shaped tower-like dungeon in Dragon Quest IV, located not far from the southest end of the lagoon of the Ostro continent. Speculated by Kiryl to have been once the temple of some kind of ancient religion predating the Goddess, the Colossus, single-handendly guarded by a lone priest, is secretly also a mechanical marvel able to be moved in order to cross the shores of the lake upon which it stands. This functionality proves to be necessary for the group of the Chosen to reach for the first time the Diabolic Hall, the home base of Psaro and his monster forces.

Curiosly, well before the group arrived, a woman of the nearby village of Riverton was already claiming to have seen the Colossus move recently, much to her surprise and shock, but the mystery about who was responsible for this first movement is left unsolved, with only Borya jokingly speculating that the monsters themselves had forcebly moved the statue by pushing it.




  • Interestingly, when the statue is shown moving across the lake in the remake, the treasure chest on its hand is shown closed even if it was opened before.