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Soon an envoy will arrive to return us to the Realm of the Almighty. But what of Corvus? He is still not returned to us... Is he doomed never to return...?
Columba, before Corvus's attack on the Observatory

Columba is a minor character in Dragon Quest IX.


Dragon Quest IX[]

Columba is first seen talking with Aquila about the Hero's promotion to full Guardianship of Angel Falls by Apus Major and how it came so soon, while Aquila worries that something bad would happen in the Protectorate and that his teacher would be forgotten, a sentiment shared by her despite the matter being forbidden until Aquila notices his student eavesdropping, surprised to see him. Regardless of the interruption, she congratulates the Hero on being promoted. Later, before the Observatory is attacked and the Hero has collected Benevolessence from Angel Falls' citizens, she bemoans about Corvus's fate one last time. When the Hero has returned to the Observatory, she is always seen praying at the monument of Corvus praying for his safe return. However, after Corvus is freed and turns the Realm of the Almighty into the Realm of the Mighty, she renounces him since he fell from grace.

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