A Coup de Grâce (必殺技, Hissatsuwaza, lit. "Deathblow") is a special battle ability in the Dragon Quest series introduced in Dragon Quest IX. Each vocation has a different Coup de Grâce with different effects. The ability becomes available during battle randomly when certain conditions are met. When a character is able to use a Coup de Grâce, a notification is given stating:

[party member] is primed to perform a coup de grâce!

The effects of a Coup de Grâce last for only a short period of time. They do not carry over after the battle ends, or if the character dies. If all four party members are primed for a Coup de Grâce, they can together perform a Co-op de Grâce (超必殺技一覧).

Dragon Quest IX


The frequency of a Coup de Grâce occurring is amplified by the following conditions:

Condition Boost
Critical fan equipped +6%
Overcritical fan equipped +7%
Hypercritical fan equipped +8%
Dire critical fan equipped +10%
Combat action medal +3%
Martial artist, Ranger, or Luminary +3%
1 other party member primed +0.8%
2 other party members primed +10%
3 other party members primed +36%
10% damage taken +0.75%
20% damage taken +1.5%
30% damage taken +3%
40% damage taken +6%
50% damage taken +12%
60% damage taken +24%
70% damage taken +48%
80% damage taken +95%

Coups de Grâce

Name Vocation Effects
Critical ClaimWarriorThis coup de grâce unleashes an attack that always inflicts a critical hit.
Roaring TiradeMartial ArtistSimilar to War Cry, except it cannot be resisted. Further, it also increases tension by one level.
Choir of AngelsPriestHeals 40% of allies' HP, and removes all status effects as well.
Rough 'n' TumbleMinstrelEvasion and the ability to counterattack go up.
0 ZoneMageReduces MP cost to zero for a short while.
Itemised KillThiefGuaranteed item drop from the enemy it is used on. This may not always work on bosses.
Knight WatchPaladinAttacks will do nothing for a few turns on the person who used it (not even Disruptive Wave can get through). All of the opponents are enraged to the person who used it.
Brownie BoostRangerBoosts the user's attack, defense, and breath resistance by one level.
Tension BoostGladiatorBoosts tension up to 50 or 100 (maximum).
Voice of ExperienceArmamentalistIncreases the amount of EXP you get from the battle if you win by a variable amount (1.1 through 1.9 multiplier)
Spelly BreathSageRecovers a portion of lost MP to the caster.
Disco TechLuminaryCauses all enemies to boogie and raises tension by one level. This is functionally identical to Roaring Tirade.

Co-ops de Grâce

If all four party members are primed for a Coup de Grâce, then upon using them they will perform a Co-op de Grâce, selected from a menu. The choices are based on the party's vocations.

Name Vocations Effects
All four party members attack at once.
OmnipotenseMartial Artist
Increases all party members' tension by 3-4 levels.
Soul AsylumPriest
Renders the entire party invincible for a few turns (similar to Knight's Watch, but for everyone). Unaffected by Disruptive Wave.
Cast AwayMage
Reduces the party's MP cost to zero for a few turns.
Chance to earn extra experience, gold, and items.
Electro LightMinstrel

Turns all enemies into metal monsters (cannot be used on bosses).

Dragon Quest X




Critical Claim Warrior
Rough 'n' Tumble Minstrel
Roaring Tirade Martial Artist
Saint's Song Priest Recovers 40-60% HP of all party members, treats various conditions, and revives the dead.
Itemised Kill Thief
0 Zone Mage
Spelly Breath Sage
Shocking Twist Luminary Enrages monsters, but paralyzes them when they attack the user.
Hocus Pocus Gadabout Applies random effects
Magic Roulette Armamentalist
Enhanced Gadget Type 0 Item Master
Argami Dance Dancer
Monster Master
Death Power Booster Death Master

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

In Volume publications, the term is used for filler pages on special techniques, sometime with an English spelling which is indicated bellow:

  1. Avan-Strash*
  2. Avan sword arcanes
  3. Avan spear arcanes
  4. Bloody-Scraid*
  5. Grand Cruss*
  6. Refractor fist
  7. Giga Brake*
  8. Hyper demonic exploding flame champion
  9. Kaiser Phoenix*
  10. Calamity Wall*
  11. Beast King congenial attack
  12. Beast King palm fury
  13. Beaut Deastringer*
  14. Demon puppet grab
  15. Demonic crusher
  16. Cornered Mouse rolling fist
  17. Cornered Mouse spinning attack
  18. Heat Knuckle*
  19. Twin Sword Pinning*
  20. Needle Thousand*
  21. Thousand Ball*
  22. Castling*
  23. Lighting Bastar*
  24. Hell's claw
  25. Hell's chain
  26. Northern Granblade*
  27. Fierce tiger fist
  28. Avan Strash X*
  29. Giga-Strash*
  30. Crossed celestial emperor sword
  31. Haken Distall*
  32. Phantom Razor*
  33. Deastringer Blade*
  34. Demonic finishing palm
  35. Burning Cremation*
  36. Earth dragon rising fist
  37. Phoenix Wing*
  38. Calamity End*


Coup-de-grâce is taken directly from the French for "Blow of Grace" or "Blow of Mercy". In modern English usage, it describes an action taken toward a decisive end.

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