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Ak-ak-ak-akk! You humans are such cowardly little shrimps!
Crabble-rouser when encountering the party at The Tower (3DS version)

The crabble-rouser is both a monster and a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Dragon Quest VII[]

Normal enemy[]

#115 - Crabble-rouser
Aquatic Family
Clawser HP MP Attack Defence Agility
140 0 105 115 65
Exp Gold Drop Sizeable scissors
81 45 G
Note: None
Normal attack
Cop Out (PS1 version only)
Calls for back-up (Crabble-rouser)
Haunts at:
Buccanham area (Past)
The Beacon (Past)
Monster Meadows quotes:

-"I no longer get to ambush people and eviscerate them with my claws. Instead, they willingly come to gawk at me. Then I eviscerate them."

-"You appear to be a reasonable fellow. Let me out and I won't eat you."

-"Hmm, you looked bigger when we fought before."


-"No need to be crabby!"




The party encounters a crabble-rouser in The Tower in Ballymolloy. He is met minding the place while the boss, Maeve, is away. He comments on the cowardice of humans to attack when the boss is gone, but is confident that he can take them on his own. They fight and the crabble-rouser loses. He then sees Maeve and identifies her as the boss. He asks Maeve to kill the party, but is killed by her instead.

# - Crabble-rouser (Boss)
Aquatic Family
Clawser HP MP Attack Defence Agility
310 50 42 31 24
Exp Gold Drop Seed of resilience
80 90 G
Note: None
Normal attack
Defending Champion
Haunts at:
The Tower


The crabble-rouser's regular attack will do between 8-15 damage, depending on the character. His Frizz spell also does 10-15 damage. He can also brace himself which makes all attacks that turn do only 1-2 damage.

The party should be properly equipped with the best that Ballymolloy can offer. Herbs are also essential to defeating him. Maribel should use Sap twice on the monster to eliminate its defense. She should act as healer as her attack power is low. Kiefer should use Flame Slash in lieu of his regular attack, stopping only if the party desperately needs healing. The Hero should attack as well and use Buff on Maribel, stopping only if the party gets low on HP. Hanlon will also fight and do the most damage to the enemy. He will occasionally heal your party and use Sap on the enemy but don't rely on it.


A mash-up of "crab" and "rabble-rouser", the latter being a person capable of stirring up trouble by mobilising a crowd.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Pincesanrire
German Übler Scherke
Spanish Cangregador
Italian Carapax maximus
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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