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The Craggy Cave is a dungeon located in western Alefgard in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. It is sometimes referred to as the Cave Southwest of Tantegel or Rocky Cave. It is an optional dungeon which holds various miscellaneous treasure chests.


Dragon Quest[]

Due to the fact that the Craggy Cave does not contain any items required to reach The Dragonlord's Castle, it can be considered the only optional dungeon in the game.

It is also noted as the location of two unique items, the enigmatic warrior's ring, and the cursed choker. The choker in particular only has a 1/16 chance of appearing in a respawning treasure chest, located on the second lower floor; the chest usually contains a simple torch (or gold coins in the NES version).



Dragon Warrior (NES)
Item Location
Herb Treaure chest, B1F
Fighter's Ring Treasure chest, B2F
Torch Treasure chest, B2F
Gold coins (amount varies) Treasure chest, B2F
Gold coins/Cursed Necklace Treasure chest, B2F

Dragon Warrior (GBC)
Item Location
350 gold coins Treasure chest, B1F
670 gold coins Treasure chest, B2F
Torch/Choker Treasure chest, B2F
Iron (shield) Treasure chest, B2F
War (ring) Treasure chest, B2F
STRseed Treasure chest, B2F
MysticNut Treasure chest, B2F

Dragon Quest II[]

As with many locations in Alefgard, the dungeon is not accessible in Dragon Quest II.

Dragon Quest III[]

The dungeon is one of several optional dungeons in the game.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

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  • A popular way to obtain the choker in Dragon Quest is to inspect the respawning chest whilst the Hero's inventory is full, preferably of useless items. That way the contents of the chest can be repeatedly checked without emptying it. Once the choker appears inside, the player can simply discard an unwanted item to make room for it. This trick only works in the remake versions, as in the original game the chest contains coins.