The Craggy Cave (formerly the Mountain Cave) is a dungeon located in western Alefgard in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. It is sometimes also referred to as the Cave Southwest of Tantegel, or Rocky Cave. It is an optional dungeon which holds various miscellaneous treasure chests.

Dragon Quest

Due to the fact that the Craggy Cave does not contain any of the items required to reach The Dragonlord's Castle, this cavern is the only optional dungeon in all of Alefgard.

It is also noted as the location of two unique items, the enigmatic Warrior's ring, and the cursed Choker. The Choker in particular can only be found in a 1/16 chances from the only respawning treasure chest, located on the second lower floor, which usually only contains a simple Torch.


Dragon Quest II

As with many locations in Alefgard, the dungeon is not accesible on the world map in Dragon Quest II.

Dragon Quest III

The dungeon is one of several optional dungeons/towers in the game.


  • A popular way to obtain the Choker in Dragon Quest is to inspect the respawing chest while the Hero's inventory is full, preferibly of useless items. That way the contents of the chest can be repetedly checked without empting it. Once the Choker appears inside, all that is leaft is to discard an unwanted item.
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