The Cryptic Crypt is a dungeon in Dragon Quest XI. It is located west-northwest of the village of Hotto.


Some time before the start of the game, the Lord of Shadows ordered Jarvis and his minions to set up in the Crypt and drain the powers of any sorcerers they found, believing any mage a threat to his reign. They also laid several traps so as to prevent would-be adventurers from getting near them.

Whilst Veronica was bathing in the Hotto sauna, she was abducted and taken to the Crypt by Jarvis and his lackeys. They successfully extracted her magic powers and reversed her aging in that process, also taking a man named Noah into custody. Her sister Serena set out to look for her when she went missing. However, Veronica escaped and went back to town, though still powerless. Now, Serena is missing, and it's up to Veronica to get her back. Veronica hits a wall in her search for information on Serena's whereabouts, as the bouncer at the tavern thinks she's a child.

Veronica runs into the Luminary as he makes for the sauna to meet with Erik; she asks him for help in locating her sister, to which he agrees. As the Luminary and Erik talk over a bath, a young girl, Connie, wanders in looking for someone. Erik mistakes Connie as Veronica's sister, and offers to help the pair to meet. Veronica instantly corrects him when Connie is introduced, but also tags along so she can pass the stubborn bouncer.

Veronica next presses the barkeep for what he may know. Serena, as it turns out, has taken off for the crypt. The two men join Veronica in the search.

As the party of three winds its way through the crypt, Serena has dozed off in her search. Fortunately for her, she is near a holy font and the monsters seem to have ignored her presence.

As the sisters follow behind the Luminary and Erik to the heart of the tomb, they are spotted by Jarvis and are forced to battle him along with his henchmen. After their defeat, Veronica unseals the jar containing her powers, and they are restored. The four return from the crypt along with Noah to spend a night at the village inn.

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