Curie DQVI

Curie is a recurring monster NPC in the series.


Dragon Quest IV

He first appears in Dragon Quest IV in Canalot's church at night, healing the sick (but not the party); here he is named Guru Curu. Despite being unique, he does not become an immigrant in either the PSX or DS versions of the game, unlike Mary Curey. He, Mary Curey, and Healie are friends.

Dragon Quest V

In reference to this character, his name is the cureslime recruit's first default name in the Japanese version of Dragon Quest V (the first name in English is Curetis). In the English version, the third and fourth default names are Curie and Curu, respectively.

Dragon Quest VI

Curie appears as a character and eligible party member in the DS remake of Dragon Quest VI. He may join the party at Suite Dreams after exchanging dreams with ten other players or after completing the game.

Curie learns the following spells.

Level Spell
-- Fullheal
6 Midheal
17 Kazing
20 Multiheal
50 Omniheal
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