Cursed Verse is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VII

In the PS1 version, Cursed Verse is a hybrid ability learned by reaching rank 5 as a Mage or Bard immediately after completing the other. It reduces the defence of one group of enemies for 0 MP, making it similar to Kasap. It is also learned by reaching rank 6 as a Walking corpse. In the 3DS version, hybrid abilities no longer exist and Cursed Verse is learned normally by reaching rank 5 as a Luminary or rank 1 as a Druid, but as it is an advanced skill, it can only be used as those classes.

Dragon Quest VIII

Now an enemy only skill, it is used by Pan pipers & Wailin' weeds to try to curse their enemies. If it hits, the curse could disable someone for 1 turn. However, the Hero is immune due to his heritage.

Dragon Quest X

Once again an enemy only skill, Tataris, Celtic fauns, & Sea diva can use it in battle, as well as Pan pipers & Wailin' weeds once again. It once again curses an opponent, but it can cut that opponent's health in half when it expires.

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