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Cursed equipment is a recurring set of equipment seen throughout the Dragon Quest series. It is comprised of weapons and armours that are powerful, but curse the wearer when equipped. In addition, they can harm the wearer in battle. Once equipped, the only way to remove it is go to a church and pay the priest to use benediction on the person wearing it.


Dragon Quest[]

The Hero can obtain Cursed Necklaces and Cursed Belts, which when equipped, choke him and drain his health, requiring a priest to uncurse. They can be sold for a good amount of gold.

Dragon Quest II[]

Cursed armour and the Sword of Destruction make their official debut. Dropped by powerful endgame monsters, they sport the highest stats in the game but curse the Prince of Midenhall who can equip them. There is also a Demon Tail item that is dropped by monsters that also curses anyone silly enough to equip it.

Dragon Quest III[]

The Sword of Destruction, The Pharaoh's Claw, The Devil Armor, Sorrow Shield, Noh Mask and Misery Helmet are all cursed artefacts the Hero can acquire over the course of their journey. Like their counterparts in DQII, many of these items grant great defensive and offensive stats, but in exchange they cannot be removed without the aid of a priest and inflict harmful statuses on the wearer.

Dragon Quest IV[]

Cursed equipment is very rare and powerful; it is often the strongest, with some stronger than the Zenithia Equipment (but still weaker than the Pandemonic Equipment). Despite being very powerful, such gear can hurt the wielder ib a variety of ways. Possible effects include reducing stats to zero and, on rare occasions, killing the wielder. In the remastered versions, Psaro is the only party member able to safely equip cursed items.

Dragon Quest V[]

Dragon Quest VI[]

Dragon Quest VIII[]

While having the same effects as cursed equipment in other games, the player can choose use alchemy to combine them with saint's ashes to turn them into equipment that is safe to use. For instance, by combining a skull helm with saint's ashes, the player can create a sun crown.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Cursed equipment can have varied effects from having permanent confusion to damage being reflected back onto the wearer, and usually cannot be unequipped unless Benediction is used on said cursed character.

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