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Dai is the protagonist of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and its animated adaptations.


Dai is a slightly tanned short youth with black messy hair, dark coloured eyes, and a rather muscular build for his age. He has an iconic X shaped scar on his left cheek.

When the Fake Heroes arrived on Dermline island, he wears blue linen plain clothes polo shirt with torn sleeves and a tied belt, a wood circlet, sandals and bear arms and a wooden sword on his back. After a short battle with them he had bandages on his right arm which he covered with an armlet and then began wearing closed shoes with leg wraps. Three months later he wore the same but with wraps on both arms and broke his circlet when activating his dragon crest for the first time.

His trousers' left knee was torn off by Avan's dragon flame and Hadlar's Hell Claw cut his knife sheath and tunic. It was fixed by the time he sailed off the island.

He was wearing a light poncho overgarment when landing on Romos but lost it in the battle against Crocodine in the Dark Forest. He got another after departing from Nayle Village.

After the battle in Romos Castle, he got a new set of blue clothes with a short-sleeved polo shirt, a belt with buckle, black boots and armlets with pink lining and a golden circlet around his head. He also had an iron shield but it was destroyed by Hyunckel's Avan Strash imitation. His cape was damaged in the battle, and he stopped wearing it, but the rest of his garments were restored. In their second encounter, the left side of his metal protector was heavily damaged by a Bloody Scryed and the left shoulder pad was removed by another, but it was restored by Baduck.

Along with his Knight armor pieces he bought at Bengarna, he gained a new belt buckle and a sleeveless blue shirt with vertical opening and dark lining, but it was heavily damaged by Baran's Gigagbreak. He replaced it with a white tucked short sleeves shirt and wore Popp's bandana.

Weapons and Armours

He has a wooden sword and plain clothes against the Fake Heroes. He broke a Romos sword with straight guard, picked from the ground, against Derolin. He then won the Crown of Champions from the King of Romos but does not wear it.

Ever since Princess Leona gave Papnica red orb sun dagger to Dai, he keeps it sheathed behind his back wearing Leona's belt around his chest. He shortly used a Papnica spear against the evil scorpion until it was broken, Avan's "venerable hero sword" (actually a cheap 10G one) against Gargoyle A until he broke it in training and Avan's own sword against Hadlar.

During his battle with Crocodine in Romos, he used a Romos soldier's sword with a round ended guard. He was later given a new metal protector attire by Romos which he wears over his plain clothes and kept a steel broadsword with spikes at the guard going towards the hilly. He also had a cape and iron shield with it but they were lost against Hyunckel. Dai's protector was partially repaired by Baduck who also gave his own chain mail as undergarment. The circlet and metal protector's left shoulder pad were damaged against Flazzard and he stopped wearing them.

He bought a knight's armor worth 3800G in Bengarna but kept only parts of it due to how heavy they were. He destroyed his Romos' steel broadsword and shortly used the Dragonsbane against the Hydra. Leona bought him another sword, the guard pointing towards the blade. His armor was destroyed by Baran, including the headpiece, leaving only the armlets and leg pieces but he discarded during his amnesia.

He both destroyed his original Papnica knife and Hyunckel's dark blade with his draconic aura. He then used magic clothing and a knight cape made of special Papnica fabric and received the wind Papnica dagger with a green orb. He lost his knight cape and destroyed an imitation of the Sword of Champions against Zamza.

He eventually received his Sword of Dai and then a special sheath to go with it.


Dai is a friendly, energetic person and greatly idolizes heroes, desiring and training to be one, much to the annoyance of Brass who wants to mold Dai as a mage, which Dai dislikes. He initially comes off as naïve but sometimes he's not an idiot, he has a mischief side and always had a strong sense of justice, largely because of a result that Dai was raised by monsters and he's the only human feral child on Dermline Island, lack of contact with humanity at large which leaves him only to assume to best intentions out of the people he meets with, being largely unable to deduce second intentions. This comes to backfire when he meets the Fake Heroes and during the coup against Leona.

Many people note that Dai's most defining trait is his courage because it is the secret weapon of the hero, never backing down and fighting for true justice, regardless of the difference in strength between himself and his foes, always trying to overcome his present obstacles, a trait that has won over many individuals to his side and help him, for he has a heart of a true hero. In both instances, although shocked at the malice he is witnessing, he is nonetheless brave enough to hold his ground and fight back being completely capable of discerning between right and wrong and fight against perceived wrongdoing like when Dai refused to run away from the battle of Flazzard even know the Blizzblaze Curse Field drain his powers but continue to fight but making him stubborn and reckless as he almost got killed.

Being a feral child, Dai gets along impressively well with the monsters of Dermline Island, acting as a leader of the pack of sorts as the monsters follow his every directive with both sides treating each other as a genuine family. Although at times annoyed with Brass's strict upbringing, he loves his adoptive grandfather with all his heart and is saddened when all the monsters went feral as a result of Hadlar's influence, and even refused to escape alone as he desired a way to help them instead. His love for his family is a weakness that was once exploited and almost resulted in his defeat, yet it also ignites his rage and his full power which can severely backfire on his offenders.

Dai greatly looks up to his master Avan, a true hero in every sense of the word who not only oversaw his teachings but recognized the boy's potential and drive to be a hero, following Avan's teachings to its fullest and serving as a true disciple of Avan who fights for love and justice. He got along well with Popp a more senior disciple although often annoyed at the latter's cowardice which he manages to eventually overcome with the two becoming great friends and developing a brotherly bond. Dai was initially surprised and somewhat disappointed at princess Leona, for her personality was the stark contrast of the image of a typical princess, being extremely blunt and direct, but ultimately comes to respect her as a resolute person who truly means well, developing a strong sense of loyalty and even a crush for her.

Dai eventually suffers an identity crisis after the battle in Bergana as his dreaded power makes the populace afraid of his might. When told that he's a Dragon Knight, he tries to learn the truth of his origin and heritage for he's terrified at the thought of being a monster that even his closest friends will eventually reject or betray him. As he meets with Baran, his biological father and fellow Dragon Knight, he rejects the Dragon General's plan to wipe humans out, becoming an ally of humanity.

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His soul colour is blue, representing innocence,[1] although Leona speculated it is purity.

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai


Born as Dino, a name which means "strong dragon" in his mother's language,[2] he is a mixed child born between the dragon knight Baran and the princess Soara of the Kingdom of Alkeed. After his birth they have moved to the kingdom of Teran, a place where Dai could be raised just like the Dragon Knights (Dai's ancestors), until then the king of Alkeed (Soala's father) discriminate them and Dai was separate with his parents. The ship that carried him away from his birthplace was wrecked by a storm.[3]

Dai chatting with Gome while living in Dermline

His cradle eventually was found by the lump shaman monster Brass who adopted him as his grandfather and gave him the name Dai as only the first letter "D" remained readable on the cradle's nameplate.[2] He was full of energy and had a strong sense of justice, and he lived with his best friend Gomechan and monsters on Dermline Island. As for magic, although he trained to become a "wizard" under Brass from an early age, magic was never used due to the lack of motivation and weak consciousness (and magic was not remembered even in Avan's training). Dai grows up dreaming of becoming a hero. He became friends with Princess Leona, who visited Dermline with her vassals.


Birth Arc

Dai is a young boy who was found in a boat while still a baby by Brass who adopted him as his grandchild. At the beginning of the story Dai has grown into a young boy and live peacefully with all the monsters of the island including his partner Gome. Daily, Brass makes Dai train magic (in which Dai lacks talent). One day Gome is kidnapped by the Fake Heroes, so Dai departs to Romos to rescue her.

Dai calling the monsters from Dermline, beliving that the fake heroes are real heroes

Dai arrives in Romus in a chimera, and is surprised for being in a town for the first time. Dai spots the fake priestess Zurbon and captures her. In order to find out Gome's whereabout and the Fake Heroes weaknesses, Dai takes her boots and pants off and orders his Antnibbler to tickle her feet. By coincidence, Zurbon was weak to tickling and quickly gave the information that Gome would be at the castle.

Dai interrogating Zurbon

Dai departed for the castle, leaving Zurbon with Slime as wardens, and arriving there he used the fake heroes weaknesses against them, Dai tried to rescue Gome, but Derolin used Frizz to defeat all the monsters that Dai unleashed at the party, saying that he had no weakness. Dai is defeated, but remembers Brass talking about special monster tube that he had received from the Demon lord long ago, and that Dai should use it if in trouble. Dai release all the monsters from the tube and it turns out to be monsters from the Underworld, being way more powerful than normal monsters. When Dai is about to leave with Gome, Zurbon appears with her wardens slimes as hostages in a net, making Dai surrender and Derolin getting ready for the final blow. That's when the slimes merge into King slime and slams onto Zurbon, and Dai takes his chance to trap the fake hero inside a monster tube.

After his victory against Derolin and his crew of scoundrels, Dai is branded as a hero by the King of Romos and returns to his island with the orichalcum Crown of Champions.

The crown of champions

Three months later, Dai continues his magic training until one day a holy ship from Papnica comes to the island. In its crew is Princess Leona, her sage teacher Baron and the Bishop Temujin. The purpose of the trip is to make Leona undergo the ritual to make her a full sage in the volcanic Earth Cave of the island. Dai works as a guide to the cave to the sages, and receives a knife that has been passed down by Leona's royal family after telling her that he can't use magic.

Dai and Leona

After Baron and Temujin betray Leona, leaving her to die in the cave by the poison of an evil scorpion, Dai uses his Dragon Crest to use Zapple and escape. After witnessing Baron in a Killing machine trying to kill Brass, he stops him with Kaswoosh (to Brass and Dai surprise since Dai had never been able to use magic). After making a hole on the machines armour with Leona's knife, Dai uses the Dragon Crest again to fire Sizzle, hitting Baron through the entrance and ending the battle.

Dai dragon crest for the first time

When Hadlar revives, all the monsters at Dermline Island are affect by the Dark Lord return and start to go on rampage. Fearing for Dai's life Brass prepares a boat to send the boy away, that's when Avan and Pop arrives at the island. Avan saying not to worry casts Glimmer on the entire island banishing all the evil that was present. Avan introduces himself as a tutor for heroes, explaining how the whole world was in danger with the return of Hadlar, and as requested by Papnica royal family, he would train Dai during a week in a special hard course. At that moment, two gargoyles attacked the island, one being killed by Pop and the other by Avan's supposedly legendary sword (actually just a normal sword worth 10G that was broken on the following day) wielded by Dai.

The training consisted of hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, magic, and monster knowledge. Although Dai excelled at swordsmanship to the point of learning Earth Slash by Day two, he lacked any magic talent. After seeing Avan Strash for the first time, Dai started to go through the steps to learn this technique. First, Dai faced Avan in the form of a dragon by the effect of puff!. In order to surpass Avan's, flames Dai mastered the Wave Slash during battle, being praised by his teacher for doing so. However, Hadlar appeared soon after, interrupting Dai's training midway. Hadlar easily overwhelms both master and student and saying he has grown stronger after being revived by Vearn. Noticing he couldn't win that battle, Avan casts Kaclang on the party, giving Dai and Pop a pendant as a symbol of their graduation and then proceeds to cast Megante on Hadlar. The spell only damaged the Dark Lord, but served to make Dai use his dragon crest. Hadlar, now facing Dai, casts Kafrizz that is easily stopped by the boy's Kacrack. Dai then counterattacks the Demon's Boom spell by using Avan Strash for the first time. Hadlar, after having both of his arms cut off, retreats with a chimaera wing.

Incomplete Avan Strash against Hadlar

The next day, Dai decides to go to Romos before going to Papnica, since he already knows the way because of his first journey when he faced the Fake Heroes. As soon as he departs, Pop appears running at the beach to reach Dai's boat to accompany him.

Gathering Arc

Since this time Dai couldn't ride on a Chimaera like on his first trip because of Hadlar's influence, ending up getting lost during three days on the forest near Romos. They save a little girl that was being attacked by some monsters. The monster that Pop defeated then gets up and attacks them from behind, being saved by Maam with her magical gun that then mocks Pop's spell rod. Maam introduces herself as a girl that lives in a village near Romos and the small girl as Mina, who was searching for an antidote for her mother. Maam explains that the forest is the Magic Forest, a forest that resembles a labyrinth since the return of the Dark Lord.

After Pop argues with Maam, he goes with Dai further into the forest forgetting Gome behind. They meet with a sleeping infanticore that wakes when Pop makes a noise and create a fire with sizzle. Suddenly a war cry is heard and the monster flees, with the arrival of the general Crocodine. Crocodine eats Pop's Frizz spell, and then tells he was ordered to kill Dai. Earth Slash and Wave Slash are useless against the general, and the Vacuum Axe proves to be a challenge. Crocodine paralyses Dai with his Heat Breath.

About to be killed, Dai is saved by Maam's tingle bullet and Crocodine's armed is frozen by the bullet that Pop filled with crackle. Crocodine is then blinded by dawn light, and Dai cuts his left eye.

Dai slashes Crocodine's left eye

Arriving at Maam's village, the party meets Leira, Maam's mother who journeyed with Avan in the past, but they didn't reveal Avan's fate to her. Dai trains with the village elder during one day and learns Frizz. Maam decides to join the party after discovering, without the two boys knowing, about her teacher's death and the trio goes to Romos.

Reaching the capital too late at night, the party isn't allowed to enter the castle until morning and decides to to rest at the inn where they find Derolin, Zurbon, Masopho and Herohero acting as heroes again. They apologize to the boy after a small racket saying that they washed their hands of thievery. The following day, Crocodine invades the castle with his monster troop in search of Dai. Dai goes alone to the castle to face Crocodine.

Dai casts frizz for Crocodine's surprise, and saves the king from his clutches. Zaboera then orders the general to release Brass, who was under the evil influence, from the tube. Dai then ceases to fight while Brass attacks the Romos soldiers. Dai is then hit by his grandfather Frizzle. Maam comes to help to take Brass attention while Dai tries to steal the monster tube from Crocodine. The strategy fails because Dai was too slow after being hurt from the spell he took and Dai is defeated. Zaboera then entangles Maam. Pop appears to fight Crocodine, and even thought he's way weaker than the lizard man, he keeps getting up until he is able to cast Glimmer on Brass. Dai then gets up with his Dragon Crest activated, destroying Zaboera's eye monster and freeing Maam. Dai is able to crush the Vacuum Axe with his hand. Crocodine then use's his move again, and Dai takes a soldier sword thrown from Pop to him, and strikes back with Avan Strash defeating the monster.

Dai defeats crocodine

After the battle Dai and his party are branded as heroes and receive new armors. The group takes a ship to deliver Brass back to Dermline, and then proceeds to Papnica.

Dai, Popp and Maam new outfit

Arriving at Papnica port, the place is already in ruins and Hyunckel greets the party after showing then the Earth Slash and Avan's pendant. However Hyunckel then says he despises Avan and still wants revenge against him and his students. Hyunckel summons his skeletons subordinates and attacks the party. Hyunckel counters the earthsplitter, seasplitter and Avan Strash itself, as it was stated by the same it was a incomplete technique. Hyunckel shows his demon sword that can be equipped as an armour whose visor could be used as a sword. The armor reflects all magic at Pop and Maam, and Dai is almost by Hyunckel sword technique Bloody Scryed. Maam tries to use dazzle, but the warrior is immune to it and knocks her down. Dai tries to hit Hyunckel's face with frizz but misses and is almost killed if wasn't for Crocodine arriving at last moment to intercept the attack and send both Pop and him away with a Garuda.

Dai paralyzed by Dark Puppetry Aura Hand

Leaving Crocodine and Maam behind against their will, Popp and Dai are rescued by Baduck, a soldier of Papnica. The old man reveals that Leona is alive ad with her three strongest guards and that she is hopeful that Dai can save her kingdom.

Pop guesses that even though Hyunckel's armor was immune to magic, since it was made of metal, it would still conduct electricity, saying that if Dai could cast zapple they could win. Since Dai isn't a good spellcaster, Popp would use the weather controlling spell Ranarion to call forth rain clouds so Dai could cast the lightning spell. After training the entire Dai while Baduck watched them, they decided that in following Dai they would invade the Underground Palace and rescue Maam. In the morning, arriving at the entrance, Popp asked for Baduck to stay behind, looking out for any possible enemy. Reaching the bottom floor, Popp and Dai were chased by the undeads of the castle. They were led to the castle battlegrounds where Hyunckel was already waiting for them. Dai distracts Hyunckel while Popp casts Ranarion. Dai throws his sword away and casts Zapple on the commander that resists the attack and defeats the duo. Maam who was able to escape her cell with the help of Gome, reached the battleground to find Dai fainted and trying to explain to Hyunckel about his father, as she has found his final message in a Soul Shell. While Hyunckel listens to his late father words, discovering that Hadlar was his murder, Dai unconsciously develops the Flame Earth Slash, combining a spell with a melee strike, which is strong enough to break Hyunckel's armour (since the Armamentalists and their Flame Slash did not exist until the release of VI, this is a first in the franchise). Hyunckel used his Dark Puppetry Aura Hand again to bind Dai, that with Popp's help manages to use a Zap Strash (zapple combined with the incomplete Avan Strash) and defeats the warrior. Flazzard appears at the end making the volcano erupt, saying that his plans was to kill both Hyunckel and Dai independent of the battle's result. The undead army was annihilated, and Hyunckel at his final moments understands Crocodine's feelings and sacrifices himself to save Dai and his friends.

Uncouncious Dai vs Hyunckel

Meeting with Baduck again, Dai asks him to make a new protector for him while Popp and Maam discusses Hyunckle fate. The four of them goes back to the port to look for some flares to try to communicate with Leona, but unfortunately Dai explodes all of them with his Flame Slash. A moment later Aimi, one of the three wise sages of Papnica arrives in a balloon with other soldiers, saying that the princess is alive at the Island tower.

Clash Arc

When the party arrives Flazzard was already attacking the princess. Dai faces Flazzard with his Flame Earth Slash, but when the monster realizes his disadvantage he raises the Fire and Ice tower that seals all humans magic power and aura. Dai continues to fight and cuts Flazzard ice arm even though he is being pummeled non-stop by the general. Maam than says to Dai that they need to escape and make plan, but he refuses so Maam knocks him out and runs to the balloon, but Flazzard charges a Kafrizz to throw at then and Maam counters by throwing a Magical gun bullet loaded with sizz at his finger, resulting in a explosion that destroyed his fire arm.

Dai being punched by Flazzard

Making their escape in the balloon with Maam, Popp, Aimi along with unconscious Marin, Apollo, and Dai and some other surviving soldiers, they are taken down by some Dancing flame and falls near a cave in Valge.

Inside the cave they find Matoriv and Maam recognizes him greeting just to have her breast and butt groped by him. Matoriv first refuses to help then saying that he don't want help due to the last time he helped save the world he didn't received enough recognition for his acts. Dai then yells at him saying that true heroes doesn't seek praise for their acts, making Matoriv see Avan on the boy. Matoriv see that Popp is a mage and take him for training in the Magical Forest leaving the craft of a bomb that would destroy the towers to Baduck. While Popp was training magic, Dai trained with Maam while being blindfolded. Flazzard communicates that he is sick of waiting and that Leona would die by midday if Dai didn't returned to the island. Matoriv suggest of a team of four people to go by boat to the island at midnight. Popp arrives just in time to participate in the mission to destroy the two towers, after learning both Zoom and Sizzle.

The team is composed of Dai and Baduck to destroy the fire tower, and Popp and Maam for the ice tower. Matoriv accelerates their boat for them to reach the island. and after arriving they split up unknown to them that Zaboera was watching. Baduck's bomb is destroyed way too far from the tower because Zaboera and Myst-Vearn division got in the way. Dai tries to battle Myst-Vearn but is no match for him.

Dai vs Myst-Vearn

Crocodine shows up, revealing to have survived the underkeep destruction and that Hyunckel also managed to escape and is going to help Popp and Maam. Dai goes ahead to the tower to save the princess. Dai meets up with Popp and Maam on his way after the two towers collapse. Popp says that Hyunckel stayed behind to face Hadlar. Soon after, they see Hyunckel's Pearly Gates from far away. Popp and Dai speak how this move has a feeling equal to Avan's Megante, but Maam says that they should not go back and head for the Valge Tower.

Arriving at the Main tower, Dai, Popp and Maam falls in trap consisting of Dancing Flames and Rockbombs, and then Flazzard grabs Maam's leg while hiding underground and tries to slam her on the ground, but his arm is cut off by Crocodine's Vacuum Axe. Hyunckel also appears revealing to have survived his battle. Flazzard then rounds his rockbombs and take off his badge that he had received from Vearn and uses his most powerful technique, turning his body in small rocks and attacking the party. When everyone is almost defeated, Maam tries to use Heal the others, but Flazzard steps on her arm. Dai learns the Air Slash and destroys Flazzard Core, splitting Flazzard in two halves which the ice one is burned by Popp. Myst-Vearn then appear with an Undead Armour and give Flazzard one final chance to redeem himself by using that armour.

Dai masters the Air Slash

Flazzard overpowers Dai in the battle, but is defeated by Avan Strash. Myst-Vearn then killed Flazzard for his failure. After the battle Dai faints and Maam carries him to Leona. The ice that was covering the Princess didn't melt and Popp spells weren't strong enough to save her. Maam suggests that combining sizz with Kafrizz in the Magical gun could defrost Leona, but it could destroy her last memento of Avan, her weapon. She then decides that she would do it for the princess, but Popp had no more power so Dai in a surge of rage uses his crest powers and cast Kafrizz in her bullet. Maam defrosts Leona and destroy her gun as a result.

Destiny Arc

After the celebration of victory, during the following day, Popp trains with Matoriv and Day by the beach. After returning to the castle they are surprised that Maam wants to leave the party to train in martial arts with a master called Brokeena back at Romos. Leona courages Popp to take her with Zoom and try to show his feelings for her (actually her intention was just to laugh at his face while being rejected). Popp accidentally takes her to the Magical Forest, because it was the place they met. After saying their parting words Popp zoomed back to Papnica.

Marin, Apollo and Aimi beg to Leona to go with Dai, but the Princess gets annoyed and leaves. While Papnica's retainers were distracted Leona took advantage and escaped with Dai in the royal balloon (Popp was also secretly riding on it). The three of them go to Bergana to buy armor at the department store. Leona sells her royal clothing and uses the money to buy Dai a armor. Leona also tries a Dancer's costume (and other clothes in the 1991 version), making Popp embarassed, but in the end she buys a Wayfarer's clothes. Dai bought a knight's armour worth 3800G in but kept only parts of it due to how heavy they were.

Dai using Zapple

The dark army wyvern division then attacks the city leaded by Kill-Vearn with the objective of testing Dai's Dragon knight power. Popp is able to immobilise the green dragon with the gravity spell he learned with his master, Donk, but is unable to defeat them. Dai fight the dragons and defeat then, but the people from the city starts to fear Dai super-human strength. That is when Nabara and Merle appear, and the old lady reveals that Dai is a dragon knight and he should go to Teran to visit the Dragon Knight Temple.

Inside the temple Dai heard part of the history of the Dragon Knights from a orb, but the conversation is interrupted when Baran arrives. The orb is confused as how two Dragon Knights exist at the same time. Baran reveals to be Dai's Father (the kid he named as Dino). Baran tries to persuade Dai to join the Dark Army, but his son refuses, making Baran to launch him out of the temple with brute force.

Surprised to see Dai is hurt, Popp and Leona wonder what is happening when Baran comes out of the lake. Popp uses his spells to attack the Dragon division leader while Leona supports the two boys with healing spells. Dai is defeated by Gigabreak and thrown at the lake. Crocodine arrives to help and tries to convince him that he is wrong. Getting tired of trying to take Dai away by force, Baran uses his dragon crest to resonate with his son's to erase the boys memories. Baran, exhausted, then leaves saying that he will be back to take his son the next day. Dai forgets all his friends and battles he faced, turning in a innocent little boy.

Leona, Nabara and Merle keep watch over the amnesic boy, giving him a white shirt. but Popp refuses to see his friend as a weakling and tries to make him recover his memories by force, but it fails. Popp gives Dai his headband as a symbol of their friendship, while angustiated. Leona takes Dai to be protected in the basement of Teram castle. Popp pretends to run away, being questioned by Crocodine and Leona, but without then knowing goes alone to fight Baran and his three Dragon riders.

When Baran arrives, Leona and Crocodine go to face him, and Baran reveals that Popp was actually facing Galdandy, and is probably dead. Crocodine keeps being injured while Leona keeps healing him. Crocodine's Vacuum Axe is destroyed and general is almost killed.

Hyunckel and Popp arrive to face Baran, but doesn't pose as any challenge. Baran then transforms in the Demon-Dragon-Man and beats the entire party. Dai sense his father's presence and escapes from his cell, and when Baran is about to the destroy the whole kingdom with DoruAura, Dai comes out and the Baran stops the casting of the spell.

Dai masters the use of Draconic Aura

Popp tries to defeat Baran by mimicking Avan by casting Megante and sacrificing himself, but the spell fails. However it made Dai recovers all of his memories. Dai, that now could use the Dragonic Aura, destroyed the Papnica Sun Knife in the battle as result of his own overwhelming new powers.

Leona, injured to the point of not being able to walk, crawls to Popp and tries to bring him back with Zing, but the spell fails. While Dai was battling Merle used Heal on Hyunckel and Crocodine.

Dai managed to use control his dragonic aura with mastery, and was able to sustain the damage from DoruAura. Dai manages to defend from Baran Memory erasing attack by changing his crest to his hand. Dai's concentrated dragonic aura was so intense that The Papnica Sun Dagger was destroyed when the boy tried to use Avan Strash. Hyunckel then throws Dai his Demon Magical Armor Sword, saying that his next Avan Strash needed to be the decisive one as his sword would sustain only one Strash.

Sun Papnica Knife is destroyed

While dead, Popp hallucinates with Gome calling him back to life, saying that he can't go to the other world yet, and that Dai needs him. The corpse of Popp is then able to cast a fire spell against Baran to distract him allowing Dai to defeat him with a Zapple and Avan Strash.

After Baran is defeated, he goes and give his blood to Popp, saying that he could revive if he had enough will, that actually happening.

In the aftermath of the battle, Dai in uncouncious and Hyunckel has lost his sword. While everyone was tired from the battle and were resting at a cottage, Popp was energized without knowing the reason and went out for patrolling. Hadlar and Zaboera appeared from the forest paralyzing Popp and using snooze in everyone at the cottage. Matoriv appeared to help Popp and fight the two demons, however the mage had serious health problems and couldn't use powerful spells for too long, so then Dai appears, now with the full control of his Dragon knight Crest and easily blow Hadlar and Zaboera away with Sizzle.

Holy Sword Arc

After going to Papnica, Popp and Dai train at the beach, when Dai receives a treasure chest from Baduck coming from Leona with a new set of clothes made of magical fabric and the last Papnica dagger, the dagger of wind. Popp and Dai receive a panflet from Aimi about the Sword of Champions being a prize at the tournament at Romos. However, the inscription to the tournament had to be made one hour prior, and so the two couldn't participate. Fortunally for them, Maam was participating as a form to test the evolution of her martial arts after finishing her training with Brokeena. Alongside her is Chiu, a fat rat monster that trained with Brokeena and has a crush for Maam. Chiu becomes Popp love rival, when Popp pokes Maam breast to make sure it is her, making Maam and the rat attack him. Chiu tries to win his match to impress Maam, but he is defeated because his arms are too short to reach his opponent. Dai and Popp reveals that Dai is a Dragon knight to Maam, and that Dai needs a orichalcum sword to use his full power, Maam is reluctant at first, as she doesn't want to take part in Dai using a sword against his own father again, but Dai says he doesnt want to kill his father, but just have some chance against him, so Maam says she will win the tournament and give the prize sword to Dai. The King of Romos appears at his seat near the sword of Champions watching the fights, as his new councellor Zamza reveals to be the one to have suggested the realisation of the event to find new soldiers for Romus army. Dai feels a strange presence coming from Zamza. Maam is on the ring as one of the eight finalists. Zamza then traps all eight of them inside a demonic coccoon, and reveals to be a Demon, Zaboera's son and the researcher of the Hyper-Demon. To progress with his experiment he needs humans with great power, and those eight would work well.

Dai take his cape off and challenges Zamza to a battle, surprising him that the Dragon Knight was present. Zamza is punched consecutively by Dai in his dragon crest form and even his shot with the Dragon Crest Beam, until Zamza reveals his objetives: create the Hyper-Demon, a being thaht surpasses the Dragon Knight by fusing different sorts of monsters, and Zamza had turned himself in 90% complete Hyper-Demon.

Dai keeps battling Zamza in his new form, but since is body is not used on using the Dragon Crest power for long, he starts to feel dizzy, and after using his full power once more to destroy the Demon's hand, he faints. Popp tries to protect Dai with his fire fingers flare bombs and Frizzle spells, but Zamza keeps regenerating and Dai ends up being devoured by Zamza.

Maam manages to escape from the cocoon with her refractor fist, and with the help of Chiu and Popp she is able to make Zamza spit Dai out. Dai is freed, but too damaged to stand up, and Chiu has no Medicinal herbs left, only a Teardrop Accorn. Dai ask Chiu to carry him to the Sword of Champions. While Maam is being squeezed by Zamza, Dai eats the accorn and recovers a bit of his strenght. When Maam destroy his claws, Dai comes dashing down with a final slash using his Dragonic Aura. However looking at the blade, it was destroyed by the attack, Zamza revealing it was just a copy, that the real Sword of Champions was in Hadlar's possession and with the information from the battle that just occured that he sent to Zaboerathe Hyper-Demon is now fully complete.

After the Battle, the King of Romus make a speech to all the tournament survivors about Leona summoning all remaining World Leaders to Papnica for a World Summit. Brokeena reveals to be one of the fightersthat was competing on the tournament, and congratulates both his students, Maam and Chiu. Dai, Popp, Chiu and Maam use Zoom to return to Papnica ahead of the king.

Arriving in Papnica they found Crocodine, he greeting Maam for not seeing her for a long time. Crocodine tells that Teran and Bergana Kings had already arrived for the summit. Dai and Popp intends to see if someone that is participating in the event would perhaps know of the existnce of Sword stronger than the Sword of Champions. The King of Teran says that if something like that would exist, it would need to be made of Orichalcum and Nabara and Merle woud now where it is. Merle's divination show's that the answer would be in Popp's home village, Lankarks. Popp, Dai, Maam, Chiu and Merle uses zoom to reach, but Popp is relluctating to go visit his home, as he has run away to be a disciple of Avan. After Popp is beat down by his father, they go take a look around the store, not fiding any special weapon. However they found a sword that was crafted by Lon Berk, the darkling that is considered to be the best swordsmith of the world.

Popp's father take them through the woods to Lon Berk's house, where they find him.

Epic Challenge Arc

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When Myst-Vearn retreats, Popp follows behind in a surge of anger after Papnica was destroyed by the Dark army assault. Dai follows him until the Field of Death. Popp is caught in Kill-Vearn trap and is almost killed when Dai, who was already tired from the battle at Papnica, rescues him. Hadlar appears at the battle showing his new Hyper Demon form. Hadlar defends the Avan Strash with the Sword of Champions Popp escapes while carrying Dai but Hadlar catches them. Dai uses Gigabreak against the Superior Being and the battle ends in a draw. Popp escapes leaving Dai behind while being chased by Kill-Vearn. Crocodine appears and create a distraction to let then both escape. When Popp arrives, everyone were disapointed for him leaving his friend behind, regretting his decision but it could not be helped as he was no match for Kill-Vearn. Crocodine and Chiu go search for Dai leaving Popp behind. Popp then asks if anyone has a Magic water, with Aimi saying that Marin has it. Popp goes to her and insist for her to give him, pulling her skirt and exposing her underwear (making Popp being slapped in the process). Popp flies fast and meets with Crocodine on his way to the Field of Death.

Chiu uses a Healslime to help find Dai in the glacier, but only finds his circlet. Dai uses his crest to create a beam of light sinalizing to Popp and Crocodine his location. Zaboera's division come to assassinate Dai and Popp. Crocodine tries to hold then back while Popp and Chiu carries Dai. Zaboera appears in front of Dai and uses Mplus to kill all of then. Hym comes and save then from the attack, and say that Zaboera is dispictable for his unhonorable acts and take him away, saying to Popp he will be waiting for someone who is strong enough to pose for him and Hadlar a challenge.

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Holy Ordeal Arc

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Halo Arc

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Blood Fight Arc

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Flash of Light Arc

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (film)

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Avan's Disciples

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Six Great Generals

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He was at these levels during the following fights:[4]

  • 10 against the Fake Heroes
  • 11 against Baron's Killing Machine
  • 13 when Avan fought a resurrected Hadlar
  • 15 against Crocodine in Romos castle
  • 18 against Hyunckel
  • 19 against the Armord Flazzard
  • 25 during Baran second assault on his party
  • 30 against the Hiper Zamza
  • 31 against the Kigan-jou
  • 45 against Hadlar's orichalcum guards
  • 48 in the first battle against Hadlar's hyper demon lifeform
  • 50 in his first battle against Vearn
  • 55 in his final battle against Hadlar


Dai started off as a strong and with good swordsmanship, but albeit largely untrained preteen with decent physical condition but an unrefined technique. Although he could put a fight against the Fake Heroes, he was largely outmatched by the latter group who had deeper knowledge of spells and more polished sword fighting in general, requiring to exploit their weaknesses and the assistance from his monster friends and the Monster Capsules to even the odds. Despite synergizing with a large array of spells, Dai was largely unable to cast any properly which further made him give up on his magic training, much to Brass's annoyance. Leona, however, confirmed that someone who could synergize with as many spells as he had was in itself incredibly rare and revealed a hidden talent that had yet to be awakened.

After receiving Avan's infamous Special Hard Course for 3 days, Dai's overall power increased considerably, awakening his dormant prowess and catapulting his growth as a hero. During those days he was able to master the Earth Slash and Wave Slash perfectly thanks with Dai's extraordinary skillful swordsmanship, master only two of the Avan Style Sword Techniques, giving Dai the ability to strike with either great power that can cut through harder and powerful enemies than steel or great speed that can cut through any spells and others with full speed attack, being able to fight even the likes of the Dark Army's Legion Commanders competently. He was later able to gradually fix his problems with spellcasting after receiving tutoring from the Mayor of Romos village and learning how to cast frizz (needing to throw it against his foe with his hand however).

As a Dragon knight hybrid, Dai has a secret incredible dormant power within him, the full extent of which can be brought out while under a intense surge of emotions (like every time when Dai was angry or focus). When this happens a blue dragon head shaped mark glows on his forehead, drastically increasing his overall prowess. Under this state, Dai was able to easily cast spells he was previously unable to use reliably. He was able to single-handedly destroy the Killing Machine, a device created to kill Heroes, and even overpower Hadlar who revived stronger than before his first demise and was forced to flee for his life with wounds far greater than Avan could inflict in Dermline Island. The Dragon Crest gives Dai the ability to cast almost any spell he wishes to, and after his battle against Baran, he gained the ability to fully control his Draconic aura, increasing even further his defense and offense. Also in the same battle he learned how to make his crest appear in another part of his body. Due to his Dragon Knight heritage, Dai is also capable of using abilities unique to his race, such as the Magic Sword, which allows him to channel spells onto his weapon to create an attack that is both physical and magical in nature, greatly reinforcing its overall destructive power and bypassing spell resistant protection easily, like when Dai use Fire Earth Slash (a combination with Earth Slash and a frizz spell) to break Hyunckel's Dark Armor Blade and finish him off with a Zap Strash (a combination with Avan Strash and a Zapple spell).

Even without his Dragon Knight powers and as a hero, Dai is still a formidable fighter on his own right. He has been able of cutting through Crocodine's steel-hard hide, cast Zapple non-stop for several hours before collapsing, and even inflict dire damage to Flazzard while depowered to a mere 20% of his normal power due to the force field that drained his power. As soon as he learned the Air Slash, the final Avan Style Sword Techniques that will give Dai the ability to cut through the unseen and be able to distinguish presences which can destroy an opponent's weak point. As an extended effect he was able to truly perfect the Avan Strash, leveling up to such extent that he was able to single handedly defeat the Armored Flazzard with ease even when he had nearly defeated the entire party by himself, although he soon collapsed in exhaustion afterwards.

As a Dragon Knight, Dai have super human reflexes being able to use Avan Strash Arrow and Avan Strash Break in a row creating the Avan Strash Cross.

After inheriting his father's crest, Dai gains a power boost that himself speculate to be of around 140%, and by wielding the original Dragon Crest that was passed down through generations, he gained all battle memory and experience of the past Dragon Knights. By merging both Crests, Dai reaches a form similar to that of the Dragonoid of his Father, with a speculated power boost of 200%.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai  
Spell Level Learnt
Frizz 15
Woosh 25
Frizzle 31
Sizz 31
Swoosh 31
Zapple 31
Crack 55
Boom 55
Levizoom 55

Using the Dragon Crest, he can use Kaswoosh and Sizzle against Varon, Kacrack (against Hadlar when avenging Avan), Sizzle to overfill a Magic Bullet, Boom against green dragons, Sizzle against Zaboera with Hadlar, and Levizoom and Zoom in the second against Baran onwards.

In base form, he learned to properly use Frizz from the Nayle Village elder, Zapple with Popp's Reclimatise spell to fight Hyunckel a second time, Woosh when stopping the boat flying to Valge Island, Zapple without Popp's help orthe Crest after fighting Baran, Levizoom without the Crest against Superior Being Hadlar.

In the 2020 anime, after the second fight wth Hyunckel, Popp tells Dai he should have used Crack with his Magic Sword although in the manga he only knew Frizz at this point, as confirmed by the filler page status.

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He also could use the Crest Beam Coup de Grâce against Zamza and Doruora against Vearn. He can transform his Zapple into a Kazap using his special sheath.

Thou hast defeated the spoiler.

Other Appearances

Jump Force

The game contains three original characters designed by Akira Toriyama, the Venom leaders Kane, Galena, and Prometheus.


  • 【RT】+【X】: "Avan Strash A" (Arrow)
  • 【RT】+【Y】: "Avan Strash B" (Break)
  • 【RT】+【B】: "Dragonic Aura Release"
  • 【RT】+【A】: "Giga Strash"
  • A secret move, by combining Avan Strash Arrow with Avan Strash Break is the "Avan Strash Cross".

His other moves did not get a subtitle translation:

  • 【B】: Grab and Boom
  • 【X】Combo: Skysplitter
  • 【Y】Combo: Shining crest (Monshosen)
  • ↓ +【B】: Flamming Earthsplitter (Kaen Daichi-zan)
  • ↑ +【X】: Seasplitter.
  • Holding 【X】: A series of rushes.
  • ↑ + Holding 【X】: Seasplitter.
  • ↓ + Holding 【X】: Flamming Earthsplitter.
  • Holding 【Y】: Strong punch.

Avan Strash A, Avan Strash B and Dragonic Aura Release are abilities that can be bought for the player avatar character.

Avatar creation

Dai's hairstyle can be used for both Male and Female avatars. His dragon crest can be used as a face feature.

The following of his Papnica magic outfit can be bought in the Team Gamma counter shop:

  • Sleeveless (Male) 03, Top in three colours
  • Long Pants (Male) 03, bottom in three colours
  • "Hand Gear 02" in two colours
  • "Boots (Male) 05" in three colours
  • "Headband 04" in one colour
  • "Blade 04" in one colour
  • A light blue shirt with a panel from the manga for preorder copies of the game

When the real world collides with many of the Shōnen Jump universes, humanity is invaded by the "Venoms", an army of mind-controlled villains lead by Kane and Galena. In order to fight back, many heroes are recruited to join the "Jump Force" under the leadership of Director Glover and his A.I. partner Navigator. However, a suspicious figure is attempting to gain the Onyx Book and conquer all worlds.

Chapter 2: The Big Bad

"Crest of the Dragon" mission:

Dai was fighting the Venoms with his friends in their own world but he got separated and controlled by an umbras cube. He is then rescued in Matterhorn, Europe by Sabo of Team Gamma, the player avatar, and Navigator and decides to join the Jump Force. He is wearing his Papnica magic clothing.

Chapter 6: The Twisted Entourage

Dai asks Kakashi to train him since he can not train with Avan anymore. It is unclear if believes him to be dead.

Chapter 7: Creation

"Who should be Sub-leader?" mission:

Dai fights out in Team Gamma to decide who should be the subleader, wanting to elect Kakashi as does Sabo but they all eventually decide not to have one.

Chapter 8: The Puppetmaster

"Triple Dragon" mission:

Dai asks Shiryu to train with him since they are both dragon related, one as dragon saint and the other as a dragon knight and because they were trained and raised by an old master. They go fight three Frieza replicas in Japan instead where Sabo joins them.

"Pursue Galena" mission: In Japan, Dai fights a Galena replica with other members of Team Gamma.

Fighting mode

Before a fight with him, Dai also compares Shiryu to a Super Dragon due to his dragon armour.

The game is inconsistent with the translation of 竜の騎士, before a fight with Shyriu it is "Super Dragon" but in Chapter 8 of the story mode, it's "dragon knight"


  • The name "dai" originated from "dinosaur". According to the author "I wanted to use the name of the dragon as the leading role." His real name, Dino, means "strong dragon" in Alkeed Kingdom.
  • Dai, along with Jotaro and DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure were planned to be playable characters in J-Stars Victory Vs but their gamefiles remained unfinished.
    • However, the three of them made an appearance as playable characters in Jump Force.
  • His Bengarna knight armour has a defence of 60 but lowered agility by 50, but if worn with only parts then it's defence is 20 with no change to the default agility. The Papnica clothing have a defence of 32.[4]
  • Although it is stated that Dai can't read the Book of Avan, he has been show writing and reading the Fake Heroes weaknesses he got by interrogating Zurbon, and was able to read and sign the contract of Avan's training course, implying that he can read, but not the alphabet that was used in that book while Nova could.
  • Because of his heritage Dai is technically 4/6 Human, and 1/6 Dragon and Demon each.



Other languages

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