Dai is the protagonist of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and its animated adaptations.


Dai is a short youth with black hair and dark colored eyes. He wears a blue linen tunic during the early episodes. Sometimes, Dai wears a golden circlet around his head.

Ever since episode 2, Dai keeps Princess Leona's sun dagger with a red orb sheathed behind his back. After he destroyed it in his fight against Baran, it was replaced by the wind dagger of Papnica with a green orb.


Dai is friendly yet sometimes naïve regarding people he meets. Within the first episode, we also see somewhat of a mischievous side to him.

Overall, he cares deeply for his monster friends and immediately gets heart broken when all the monsters on his island slowly become evil again thanks to Hadlar's influence.


He is a mixed child born between the Dragon Knight Baran and the princess Ofara of the Kingdom of Alkyde, and Dai was adopt by his grandfather, the monster magician Brass. He was full of energy and had a strong sense of justice, and he lived with his best friend Gome and monsters on The Island of Delmurin. As for magic, although training to become a "wizard" to Brass from an early age was done, magic was never used from the motivationlessness and weak consciousness (and magic was not remembered even in Avan's training). Dai grows up dreaming of becoming a hero. He became friends with Princess Leona, who visited Delmurin with her vassals.



The name "dai" originated from "dinosaur". According to the author "I wanted to use the name of the dragon as the leading role." His real name, Dino, means "strong dragon" in Alkyed's words.

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