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The dangerous bustier is a special piece of "armour" in the Dragon Quest series. It provides almost no protection, but can be upgraded into more effective bustiers via Alchemy.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

The dangerous bustier only has a defence bonus of +1, but changes Jessica's appearance. Obtained after trading 99 mini medals to Princess Minnie, with another one being found in the Heavenly Dais. It is a required component of the divine bustier along with the shimmering dress or it can be sold for 2,900 gold. However, it is not recommended to sell it, as there are only two in the game.

  • In the 3DS version, Red can also wear the dangerous bustier, but it does not change her appearance. Additionally, the bustier's appearance on Jessica has been altered slightly to make it less revealing.

Dragon Quest IX[]

The Dangerous bustier is a piece of torso equipment in Dragon Quest IX that can be acquired from a level 5 grotto chest, or made through alchemy. It is female-only.

Dangerous bustier - Dragon Quest IX
Stat boosts Defense +1
Flavour text A barely believable bodice that you'd be brave to look at.
Info N/A
Found Grotto - level 5 chests

Alchemy - Divine bustier + Reset stone

Buy price Cannot buy
Sell price 1000 G
Equipped by Female characters



Other languages[]

Other languages
French Bustier dangereux
German Gefährliches Bustier
Spanish Corpiño descarado
Italian Guepière
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown