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Dark Breath is a recurring breath attack in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IX[]

Making its debut, it used by Barbarus, Corvus, Vermil lions, Hammer horrors, and the Equinox in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest X[]

Rebranded as Flames of Darkness from this game onwards, it is used by Ring King Zaltra, as well as Corvus once again.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Acting the same as in X, it is used by Shadeshifters, Dark gryphons, Platinum poppets, the Auroral Serpent, Nagasus, Lord Dragon, and the End of Time, as well as Equinoxes once again.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

Learned by the Auroral Serpent at level 49 and already learned by Crowgre when it is recruited, it acts the same as in previous appearances, but can also potentially paralyze enemies. It costs 141 MP to use.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Used by Shadroth during the final battle.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, it is used by Barbarus and Fallen Angel Corvus once again during their boss fights.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Learned by Blackmar at level , it deals massive Zam breath damage to 1 enemy and costs 81 MP for the Warden of Gallows Moor to use, while upgrading the skill increases damage dealt and reduces MP cost.

Dragon Quest Champions[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances, it is used by Demon clouds in battle.

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