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The darksteel dragon is a Superboss who appears in Dragon Quest VIII. It is the fifth dragon fought in the Dragonvian Trials and is one of the more challenging ones due to it's resistance to most attacks.


Darksteel Dragon is similar in appearance to the other dragons, though it's black and red in colour and has a metallic sheen to it.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest VIII[]

#293 - Darksteel Dragon
??? Family
DQVIII - Darksteel dragon HP MP Attack Defence Agility
1900/800 255 613 578 189
Exp Gold Drop Seed of Skill
18010 0 G
Note: A giant dragon with the colours of a dark and starless night. His seemingly limitless might took Hero and the party to the brink of despair during battle.
Acts twice per turn
Normal attack
Desperate attack
Disruptive Wave
Haunts at:
Heavenly Dais


  • Unlike the Dragovian Lord's other forms, Darksteel Dragon takes very little damage, much like the Metal Slime family. As such, it's got far less HP than the other dragons and actually has the least HP in the final Dragovian Trial due to all the dragons having their HP halved.
  • PASSION Plunge doesn't work on Metal Slimes but works on Darksteel Dragon. This is likely to reduce the frustration of having to fight a boss whose as hardy as the average Metal Slime.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Le dragon d'acier noir
German Finsterstahl-Drache
Spanish Dragón azabache
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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