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David is a character in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.  He was a servant who worked for Dominico in the town of Arcadia.  He was actually a descendant of Kupas, one of the seven sages who sealed away Rhapthorne


Some time after Kupas and the other sages defeated Rhapthorne and sealed him away in the scepter, Kupas transferred his magic powers to Dominico's ancestor who was his apprentice.  This made him a normal man who could no longer use magic and Dominico's family would use his sage powers instead.  He disappeared and Dominico's ancestor never saw him again but he cast a spell that linked their family together so that one day their descendants could share some sort of connection. 

David was the descendant of Kupas and he came to Arcadia while traveling the world.  He was penniless, starving, and tired when he arrived in Arcadia.   But, Dominico saw him and gave him a job at his mansion as a servant which made David grateful.  However, Dominico constantly humiliated and bullied David but despite this, David was still grateful to him.   He looked after Dominico's dog Sir Leopold.  

When Evil Jessica came to Arcadia, she was searching for David because he was descended from Kupas.  The Hero, along with Yangus and Angelo, stop her from attacking David. 

After Evil Jessica's defeat, she returns back to her normal self but the scepter is lost.  Also, Sir Leopold disappears and David goes looking for him, while Dominico goes into a deep depression.  While visiting Dominico's mansion, The Hero and the others hear some commotion from outside and they go outside to see David getting attacked by an Evil Sir Leopold who has found the scepter and is possessed by Rhapthorne.  He mortally wounds David and jumps from building to building, escaping town now that he has killed one of the seven descendants.  David talks to the Hero and before dying, he tells them to find Sir Leopold because he is "the only thing that makes Master Dominico happy".   Dominico goes outside to see this and finds David dead, he then realizes that he was the descendant of Kupas and feels bad for everything he has done to David.  He realizes he has made mistakes and is depressed by David's death.  He tells the Hero to find Sir Leopold who is "no longer my Sir Leopold"  and kill him, to avenge David's death.

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