Dazzleflash is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Attempts to blind the party with a Dazzle light effect.


Dragon Quest IV Remakes

Only appearing in the remakes, it is used by Demon thunderers and Scarewells in battle.

Dragon Quest V

Making its debut, it can learned by recruited Bad apples, Cross eyes, Bomboulders, Hades helms, Men o' war, and Drackies. It is also used by Eyelashers, Eyepods, and Luneyetics in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VI

Learned by advancing to either rank 5 of the Ranger vocation or rank 1 of the Luminary vocation, the skill changed from reducing accuracy to 3/8ths like Dazzle to 5/8ths. It is also used by Devil glasses, Haunted mirrors, Killer moths, Bloodcreeper, Grrrgoyle, and Murdaw in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Acting the same as in previous appearances, it is learned by advancing to rank 2 of the Luminary vocation (Rank 1 in the 3DS remake), Rank 4 of the Goodybag, Rank 3 of the Serial quiller, and rank 2 of the Delusionist vocation. It is also used by Serial quillers, Delusionists, Axecutioners, Mad moais, Lesser demons, Demon thunderers, Sculptrices, Demon deacons, Black bishops, Whacksmiths, Hackrobat, The Time Being, Slaughtomaton, Grody Gumpdrops, Brigand, and the Malign vine in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Now an enemy only skill, it is used by Spitniks, Hoodlums, Hellstalkers, Empyrea, and Rhapthorne's first forme, as well as Lesser demons and Demon thunderers once again.

Dragon Quest IX

Dazzleflash is used by Freaky tikis, AU-1000es, and Pale whales, as well as Mad moais, Sculptrices, and Murdaw once again.

Dragon Quest X

Acting the same as in previous appearances, it is used by Mega moais, as well as Sculptrices and Spitniks once again.

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