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A character is dead if their remaining HP falls to zero. Characters who are dead cannot participate in battle. Excepting certain story events, if all characters in the party are dead, a game over occurs. In addition, dead characters gain no experience points from battle, do not revive after battle, and cannot be targeted or attacked by allies or enemies.

Dead players do gain experience after battle if they were alive at any point in it, but cannot level up. When a dead player would normally level up, they are instead left in a state at which the next battle they survive will level them up.

If a cutscene occurs while the main character is dead, they will be revived with 1 HP. This includes story events, quest events and returning from another player's world in multiplayer.

Dead characters can be revived using an Yggdrasil leaf (full HP), Zing or Kazing (reduced HP), Kerplunk (full HP, but kills the caster), or by requesting resurrection at a church (full HP, but costs an amount of gold dependent on the player's level).

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