Death Dance is a recurring dance skill in the Dragon Quest series. It uses a weaker resistance table than whack does, meaning that it has a 50%, 20%, 10%, and 0% chance to connect depending on the enemies' vulnerability.


Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, it is learned when the Dancer vocation is mastered. It has a 50% success against enemies who are not tolerant to the Whack spell line. Silhouettes can use this ability in battle, becoming their most iconic ability. Walking corpses and Sluggernauts can also learn this ability when recruited, though only in the SFC version.

Dragon Quest VII

Once again learned when the Dancer vocation is mastered, it acts the same in VI, though it is outclassed by other dances. It is also used by Sculptrices, in battle as well as Sinisculptures, Diamond mannequins, & Sconstrosity in the 3DS remake of the game, so caution should be advised.

Dragon Quest VIII

An enemy only skill from this game onwards, it is used by Tap devils, Dark macarbours, & Silhouettes once again. It now shares the same resistance as the Whack spell line, so it can be resisted with the right equipment. In the 3DS remake, Red can learn the skill when she invests 52 skill points into her Fan skill tree. However, it now requires MP to use, but has a higher success rate in instantly killing enemies than the last two games.

Dragon Quest X

While it acts the same as in previous games, players can avoid getting killed instantly if they stay away from the red circle. Pious dogras, White imps, Pandora's chests, Ori columns, Sconstrosity, & Pumpkabinets can use this skill in battle.

Dragon Quest XI

Once again an enemy only skill, it is used by monsters, starting with the Golden globe. In the 3DS and Switch versions, it is also used by Troobloovoodoos.

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