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Deceleratle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. It decreases one enemy group's agility when cast, with the exact amount varying between games.


Dragon Quest III

Learned by Mages and Sages at level 12, the spell reduces one enemy group's agility by 100%, capping at 0. The spell costs 3 MP to cast and is also used by Rampages, Putrefidos, Bags o' laughs, and Goodybags in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Deceleratle returns after several years as an enemy-exclusive spell used by Skippers. Interestingly, a resistance tag for the spell still exists in the game's code even though enemies can only be affected by it if it is reflected with Bounce.

  • In the 3DS version of VIIIRed has an innate resistance to deceleratle.

Dragon Quest IX

Deceleratle is learned by armamentalists at level 24. It costs 5 MP to cast, and will reduce an enemy group's agility by 25%, capping at 50%. The spell's base accuracy is 50% before resistance is applied, and will reach 100% accuracy when the caster's Magical might reaches 799. It is also used by Grim reapers and the Ragin' Contagion, as well as Rampages once again.

Dragon Quest X

Learned by Thiefs at level at level 13, it costs 4 MP to use and is also used by Bat skeletons, Direlogs, Hellbound horrors, Mourning moons, Polar pollies, Blue minxes, Tubby drackies, Knights of the white rose, Antiquitrees, Aragune, and Gejura, as well as Bags o' laughs once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Veronica and Sylvando learn this spell at levels 17 and 19 respectively. It is nerfed from IX, being able to lower agility of a group of enemies by 1 and once again costs 4 MP to cast. It is also used by Midnight horknights, Grim gryphons, Drohl drones gone Malicious, Succubats gone Vicious, Boodiful Wizards, Alizarin, his stronger counterpart, and Calasmos, as well as Hellbound horrors and Bags o' laughs once again.

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