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Defend is a recurring action/skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Halves the amount of damage dealt to that character during the turn it is used. Note that defending will not save a character from death.


Making its debut in the first game of the series, Defend is available to all player characters, and some monsters.

There are several stronger versions of Defend however, most of these require MP, whereas Defend does not, with the exception of Dragon Quest X, where the skill is learned by investing 12 skill points into the shield skill tree and costs 1 MP to use. It is also learned by all slimes in the Slurpodrome, negating sabotage from the other slimes and costs 3 MP to use. From 6.1 onwards however, it is now a command like in previous appearances.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Known as Defence in this spinoff entry, it is learned by Gum shields at level 16 and already learned by Scorpions, Noble gasbagons, Maeve, Shellie's Mothers, Demonic Knights, and Golden globes when they are recruited. It acts the same as in previous appearances, costing 16 MP to use, while upgrading the skill reduces MP cost.

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