A demon, generally speaking, is a being who comes from Hell (known as the Underworld or the Dark World in some games). Most demons despise humanity and would like to see them wiped out, and some go great lengths to bring this about. That said, some are sympathetic to humans and wish to strive for peaceful coexistence, but the general consensus is still that humans have monopolized the world, which should be for everyone, and forced the far fewer demons into Hell with their prejudice and outright violence.

Unlike with other races, the morphology of demons varies widely from species to species. The word demon means fallen angel that fell from heaven by grace and lust, and they would end up in hell or the world of darkness. Such as Rhapthorne is a demon from the World of Darkness that tried create a gate that would connect the World of Light and the World of Darkness into one world and its ruler would be Rhapthorne.


Dragon Quest IV

In Dragon Quest IV, the current King of Hell, Estark was locked in a tomb underground in Mamon Mine a thousand years before the beginning of the game, and is asleep until excavators accidentally reach his tomb. However, the Hero of Dragon Quest IV defeats him, shortly after which the second-most prominent demon, Psaro, takes on the position and seeks to wipe out humanity, but is also defeated.

Dragon Quest V

In Dragon Quest V in Nadiria, Grandmaster Nimzo is waiting for the Zenithian Hero.

Dragon Quest X

The demon race is greatly expanded on in this game. At first, only Hades Nelgel, Demon Marshal Zerudorado, & Madesagora are the prime demons that the Hero needs to defeat to restore peace in Astoila. However, after Nadraga & Kyronos's defeats, the demon realm starts to undergo a power struggle, and Pujyu takes Kyronsos's Shock seed to open the gate to the demon realm, after which Valeria comes out and defeats the Hero. The Hero is rescued by Yushka, and his skin turns purple, after which Yushka helps out the Hero to regain his normal self.

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