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Diabolic Hall is a demon fortress in the human world in Dragon Quest IV. Located to the east of Riverton, it is a common congregation spot for expatriate demons. It also serves as a prison for various humans captured by the forces of Hell.


Chapter 5[]

The party visits Diabolic Hall fairly late in the game, infiltrating its walls using the Mod rod to take on the appearance of monsters; they can only properly interact with the inhabitants while in monstrous form, as speaking to one while in any other guise triggers a battle. After progressing to the inner hall, the party witnesses Psaro's address to all demons, the first time most of them see him in person. Psaro gets his point across, but before he can wrap up the meeting, he receives a report that the humans at Mamon Mine have accidentally excavated Estark's Crypt and that he will soon awaken; as chaos breaks out, he takes off to react to this latest development, and the party makes good its escape to confront Estark.

Chapter 6[]

In the remakes, the Hero returns to Diabolic Hall to confront Aamon after Psaro joins the party.

Other notable attributes[]

   Zoom icon    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Palais du démon
German Teufelsheim
Spanish Conciliábulo Demoníaco
Italian Antro del Male
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown