Dirkandor (formerly Osterfair) is a castle in eastern Torland. It is located on an island accessible only via ship or Teleportal in Dragon Quest II.


Dirkandor is home to the Moon sigil, which is held by the king. Speaking with the king gives the heroes an opportunity to win the crest by defeating a single Striking sabrecat.

Weapon/Armor Shop

The shopkeeper has the Tectonic plate in a personal chest behind the counter. You can access it by going through the Golden Door next to the Teleportal.

Dragon Quest II (NES, GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Broad Sword (Steel Sword) 1500 G +30 Attack
Giant Hammer (Hammer) 4000 G +35 Attack (NES)
+40 Attack (remix)
Dragon Killer (Dragon Sword) 8000 G +50 Attack (NES)
+55 Attack (remix)
Clothes Hiding (Evade Cloak) 1250 G +20 Defense (NES)
+35 Defense
Magic Armor 4300 G +25 Defense (NES)
+35 Defense (remix)
25% magic damage reduction
Iron Helmet 3150 G +6 Defense


Dragon Quest II
Key Type Info
Golden Key Provides access to behind the counter of the weapons shop.

Travel Gates

Dragon Quest II
Info Destination
Far end of the castle wall from the entrance. Shrine South of Middenhall


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