For the faith skill introduced in Dragon Quest X, see Divine Intervention (Faith skill).
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Divine Intervention (Aka Anathematise) is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. It attempts to reduce enemies' resistance to harmful magic.


Dragon Quest VIII

Angelo learns this spell after investing 27 points into his "Charisma" skill tree. The spell has a 50% chance to succeed, and non-boss enemies have no inherent resistance to it. Costs 4 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest IX

Divine Intervention is learned by Sages at level 13. It costs 4 MP to cast, and as the spell equivalent of Spooky Aura, it uses the same resistance check when success probability is calculated. If the caster's magical might is lower of equal to 50 the spell has a 50% accuracy, and one the threshold is breached the spell will reach 75% accuracy at 799 magical might. It is also used by Wight kings and Fowleye in battle.

Dragon Quest X

An enemy only spell at first, it is used by Baalzebubs, Night cats, Lickity spits, Fluffy furs, and Beckonrings, as well as Wight kings once again. However, it can be learned through the Jakuti skill system of a recruited monster's 3rd reincarnation, as well as Goodybags when they are recruited by players and have invested 40 skill points into the Timeless Diamond skill tree.

Dragon Quest XI

Now named Anathematise, it is learned by Serena at level 19, as well as already having been learned by Rab when he joins, and acts the same as in IX. It is also used by Professauruses, Avarith, and the Boodiful Hocus-poker in battle against their enemies.

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