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Dodgy Dave is a minor character in Dragon Quest VIII.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

The party visits Dodgy dave behind the bar in Pickham to acquire information on Medea. After revealing he had traded the horse to Red, Dodgy Dave becomes an insignificant character throughout the rest of the story.

However, should the party ever visits him again, he will offer rewards for specific trade-in items. The list of items in the order of requests and rewards are shown in the table below.

Request Reward
Special Medicine 500g
Reinforced Boomerang 1200g
Ring of Immunity Bandit Axe
Robe of Serenity 6000g
Sandstorm Spear Happy Hat
Crimson Robe Big boss shield
Princess's robe (3DS) Abiding blazer

Other languages[]

Other languages
German Windiger Willi
Italian Dave lo Sveglio
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown