Don Mole in Memoriam is a monster who appears in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. He's a beefed up version of Don Mole who appears as the 4th boss in Memories Lane with his henchmen: Soul Mole in Memoriam


Main game appearances

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS

#315* - Don Mole in Memoriam
Special Family
DonMole in Memoriam
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
6400 532 176 164
Exp Gold Drop Seed of resilience
55555 0 G
Normal attack
Desperate attack
Pound the ground in fury
Calls for back-up (Soul Mole in Memoriam)
Haunts at:
Memories Lane*


Don Mole isn't much different from the other Memoriam bosses, though his performance can cause confusion. Use multi-hitting attacks to damage him and get rid of his Soul Moles. Aside that, he shouldn't be too tough.


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