Dr. Phlegming is a minor character in IX. He first appears in his hometown of Coffinwell and asks the player to aid him in stopping a disease in the town.


Dr. Phlegming resembles a stereotypical Hippie, with a slightly hunched back, thick glasses and quite messy hair.

Dr. Phlegming wears a grey-ish coat with a green tunic underneath. he also wears common trousers and Sandals.


Dr. Phlegming is Taciturn and very unsocial. After the character enters Coffinwell, they notice that Dr. Phlegmins lab is strangely positioned unlike any other buildings or living areas in Coffinwell. The door is also locked, implying he doesn't like company.

After following the main questline a bit, the Character learns of a secret knock to enter Dr. Phlegmin's lab, which the hero learns from Catarrhina's spirit.

Dr. Phlegming later becomes a more social person towards Coffinwell, and becomes better friends with the mayor, slowly reversing his introvative personality.



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