Dragon Quest: Jipang World (ドラゴンクエスト ~ジパングワールド~) is an arranged album with selected melodies from Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest II, Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest IV. The concept of the album is Dragon Quest music performed with musical instruments from Jipang, that is Japanese instruments, such as koto, sho and taiko. Koichi Sugiyama composed all melodies while Jun Kobayashi arranged them and conducted the performance by the traditional Japanese music performance group Mutsunowo.

The CD album was released on 21 June 1991 by Apollon Incorporated, catalog number APCG-4011 and JAN 4988015038279, along with a cassette tape version, catalog number APTG-4011 and JAN 4988015038286.


  1. "Overture March" (序曲) [from Dragon Quest IV]; 1:54
  2. "Jipang" (ジパング) [from Dragon Quest III]; 3:32
  3. "Château Ladutorm" (ラダトーム城) [from Dragon Quest I]; 1:26
  4. "Village" (村) [from Dragon Quest III]; 2:34
  5. "Unknown World ~ A Long Journey ~ Endless World" (広野を行く~遥かなる旅路~果てしなき世界) [from Dragon Quest II]; 4:36
  6. "Town ~ People" (街~街の人々) [from Dragon Quest IV & Dragon Quest I]; 2:55
  7. "Comrades" (勇者の仲間たち(間奏曲~戦士はひとりで征く~おてんば姫の行進~武器商人トルネコ~ジプシーの旅)) [from Dragon Quest IV]; 9:32
  8. "Fun Casino" (楽しいカジノ) [from Dragon Quest IV]; 2:33
  9. "Elegy" (エレジー) [from Dragon Quest IV]; 2:51
  10. "Sailing ~ Heavenly Flight" (海を越えて~おおぞらをとぶ) [from Dragon Quest III]; 5:20
  11. "The Unknown Castle" (謎の城) [from Dragon Quest IV]; 1:55
  12. "Battle for the Glory" (栄光への戦い (戦闘―生か死か―~邪悪なるもの~悪の化身)) [from Dragon Quest IV]; 9:26
  13. "Ending" (導かれし者たち―終曲―) [from Dragon Quest IV]; 4:29



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