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Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road (ドラゴンクエスト モンスターバトルロード) is an arcade game released on 21 Jun 2007 in Japanese arcades. The basic gameplay consists of battling with monsters through the use of real life cards that are scanned by the machine. While there are some basic controls for actions, the game is essentially a card battler, though it does require action commands by the player.


The game plays like a strategy game in which a team of three monsters battle against another team. The player select the monsters with cards that he brings to the machine to scan the data in them. The game also gives a free card with each coin deposited, while it also provides random monsters to complete the team if the player does not use cards to do so. From there, the mechanics of the game are derived from those found in the mini game with the same name in Dragon Quest VIII.

Different combination of monsters give different effects to the team, encouraging the player to try different combinations. While each member acts individually, they share the same HP. Each monster can select two skills assigned to the two buttons available. There are special cards that give the player access to special attacks, which can be used when the sword-like joystick in the middle of the cabinet raises. The single player mode has eight chapters, with each being made available after some time of the release of the previous one.

The arcade cabinet is a customized (Taito Type X2) with four large buttons, two per player, and a joystick device in the middle where players can inserts the desired cards to use. After a period of time, the game was updated with more chapters, with each expansion adding more monsters and support for new special cards. The eighth and final chapter was released on 26 September 2008, and the operation of this arcade ended on 31 December of the same year to be fully replaced by Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II.



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