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Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II (ドラゴンクエスト モンスターバトルロードII) is the sequel of Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road. The arcade game was released on 3 December 2008 in Japan and was removed on 15 January 2010. Like the original, the gameplay consists of battling with monsters through the use of real life cards that are scanned by the machine with basic controls for actions. It improves the mechanics offered by the first as well as adding some new ones. The game is a card battler.


While a sequel, the game uses the same arcade hardware as the previous one, with changes in the external appearance. With gameplay mechanics derived from those found in the mini game in Dragon Quest VIII, Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II iterates in what was done by the first entry and adds some refinements.

Instead of eight chapters in the single player mode, like the first game, mostly based around Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II, Monster Battle Road II has six completely different ones with elements from Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VI.

The gameplay is still based around a team of three monsters battle against another team, but this time the hero can now participate in battles. New sets of cards are also made available, including the addition of character finishers, in which protagonists of previous Dragon Quest games can be summoned to deliver a special final attack.

Monster Battle Road II introduced item cards. The hero can use equipment through these cards, which can also affect the gameplay depending on the type of job the hero has, such as warrior and wizard. Eleven type of jobs are available, which can be selected when scanning cards. The game also introduced the Book of Adventure (冒険の書), a special IC card that can be inserted to save data from the game.

The arcade cabinet remained a customized (Taito Type X2) with four large buttons, two per player, and a joystick device in the middle where players can inserts the desired cards to use, like the first game. Like the original, the game was updated with more chapters after some time, with each expansion adding more monsters and support for new special cards. The sixth and final chapter was released on 13 November 2009. On 15 January 2010, Monster Battle Road II was updated to Monster Battle Road II Legend, ceasing to operate as it originally was.

Monster Battle Road II chapters

  1. The secret process of evolution (進化の秘法)
  2. The wrath of the conqueror (覇者の逆鱗)
  3. Nimzo, the King of Hell (魔界の王ミルドラース)
  4. Malroth's second coming (シドー再臨)
  5. The Great Demon King of illusions
  6. The One Who Destroys All (すべてを滅ぼす者)

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II Legend

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II Legend (ドラゴンクエスト モンスターバトルロードIIレジェンド) is an updated version of Monster Battle Road II. It keeps the same mechanics and introduces a new Legend Mode in which battles from each Dragon Quest game released are reproduced. It operated from 15 January 2010 until 31 August 2010.

New card types

Legend introduced the Legend SP cards, which are based in the nine mainline Dragon Quest games released up to that point. Legend Hero cards and Legend Demon King cards were also introduced. With the second chapter of Legend, Legend Great Demon King cards that allow the player to battle final boss characters were made available.

Monster Battle Road II Legend chapters

  • Legend: Angry earth (怒れる大地)
  • Legend: The Demon King of counterattack (逆襲の魔王)
  • Legend: The challenge of the heroes (勇者たちの挑戦)



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