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Dragon Quest: Scan Battlers, known in Japan as Tatakae! Dragon Quest: Scan Battlers (戦え! ドラゴンクエスト スキャンバトラーズ, translated as Fight! Dragon Quest Scan Battlers), is an arcade game based on the Dragon Quest series. It is the sequel of Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner.


Scan Battlers uses barcodes which are scanned by the machine to generate the monsters that will be used to battle. The barcodes are printed in cards (or tickets as they are called in japan) that themselves can be printed by the arcade cabinet.

The game was released in Japan from 20 July 2017 and it's still currently in operation. Nominally a sequel, Scan Battlers more closely resembles an update or phase of its predecessor Monster Battle Scanner, just like the sequels of Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road.

Like the previous game, Scan Battlers introduces new content periodically in the form of new parts or seasons. The first season has Hargon and Malroth as bosses from Dragon Quest II, and the Legendary Erdrick's equipment. Season two has Psaro in his regular form and in his Master of Monsterkind form from Dragon Quest IV. Season three added Grandmaster Nimzo and Bishop Ladja from Dragon Quest V as bosses. Season four has Mortamor from Dragon Quest VI as the boss.


The first time the player inserts a coin, the player can register the session, which will be carried over in subsequent plays. If the player is continuing from a previous session, the player can scan the cards to be used. Otherwise, the game has the option to select the Battle Mode or the Buy Cards option. The game also offers the option to rent cards for those players that don't have cards of their own.

After using the scanning device to copy the cards' codes or renting them, the player must boost Tension by pressing the buttons. Then the player has to select the actions that will be used in combat. The combat last three turns and the player must drop the enemy HP to zero before the end of the turns.

Once the battle is finished, the player can choose one of three cards that will be offered. The player has the option to insert extra credits to pick up the remaining two cards. After that, the arcade cabinet will print the card or cards selected by the player.

The player has to select a team of three monsters to form a party. The player can customize the equipment used by scanning Weapon, Shield and Armour Cards, which, besides aesthetic changes, power up the stats of the character within the game. Depending on the weapon equipped, the vocation of the character will change: Swords will change the characters to Warrior, Staves and Wands to Mage, Lance and Spears to Priest and, Claws to Martial Artist. Each vocation gives the player a different stat bonus for the party. By boosting the Tension, the player can unleash a special Career Move based on the character's vocation, which will be easier to perform if the monsters in the party have a good compatibility with the vocation.

The card size varies depending on its rarity, so, the larger a card is, the rarer it also is. There are three types of card size: Small, Medium and Large.

The game has three type of battle:

  • Regular Battle
  • Event Battle
  • Score Attack




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