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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Six Great Generals (ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険 ぶちやぶれ!! 新生6大将軍, Dragon Quest: Dai no Daiboken - Buchiyabure!! Shinsei 6 Daishougun, lit. Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Dai - Burst! The Six Great Generals of the New Generation), also known as The Great Adventure of Dai 3: Six Generals, Dragon Quest film 3, Dragon Quest: Great Adventure of Dai: Destroy!! The Reborn 6 Commanders and similar variations, is a Japanese animated film based on Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. It is the fourth animated adaptation of the Japanese comic and the third film. It has the same cast as the TV series in a new original story not directly linked to the comic or the TV show.

Like the first film and the second one Six Great Generals was animated by Toei Doga. The movie was theatrically released in Japan on 11 July 1992 at the Toei Anime Fair of summer of 1992, screened alongside Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! and Rokudenashi Blues.

The short film was released for home video in 1993 and re-released in 2020.


Following the defections of Crocodine and Hyunckel and the death of Flazzard, Hadlar ponders the situation when Galvus, the Great Dark Army Tactician who had been working behind the shadows, shows up and informs Hadlar that he and his team will take over and will defeat Dai and his allies.

Meanwhile, Dai and his friends are relaxing after helping with the reconstruction of Papnica. Suddenly, a black cloud appears and shortly after Dragon General Beglom, Furfang General Zangrey, Shadow General Double Dora, and Blizzblaze General Breygun, start attacking the citizens. Dai and Popp confront them and notice that they are different from Hadlar's legions. Galvus shows ups and present himself. Elsewhere, Undead General Deathskull and Mystic General Menero, are attacking Leona, Maam, Apollo, Marin and Aimi.

Menero injures Maam, which allows Deathskull to steal her soul as planned, so Galvus calls his generals to retreat. Breygun ignores this order since he thinks it's a good chance to destroy Dai, who is rushing to help Maam, but Dai destroys Breygun's dragon instead. Later on, Galvus punishes Breygun for disobeying and points out that only working together they will be able to defeat Dai. Galvus plans to use Maam's soul as bait for a trap.

Leona is unable to restore Maam with her magic. Matoriv identifies the ultimate spell used that steal a person's soul and informs them that they have 24 hours to return the soul to her body before Maam dies. Galvus sends Dai a message to force him to go alone to try to recover Maam's soul. With the forest that guards Maam's soul poisoned, Galvus gives him an antidote that can only be used by one person. Dai forcefully takes it and drinks it. However, the antidote is in fact a poison as well, so Dai gets affected by it once he's in the forest.

All six generals attack the weakened Dai, but, despite this, Dai fights back and kills Beglom. Menero attacks him constantly, but Popp and Leona arrive to save him. The rest of the generals attack them and appear to have the upper hand. Suddenly, Crocodine and Hyunckel, who were contacted by Matoriv, arrive and turn things around. One by one, the remaining generals fall, until only Deathskull and Galvus remain. The two try to destroy Dai with energy beams, but are opposed by Crocodine's and Hyunckel's own beams. Dai uses the opportunity to attack Galvus, allowing Crocodine and Hyunckel to overpower and defeat Deathskull.

While Hyunckel and the rest gather around Dai, who appears to be dying, the souls of the six generals gather around the fallen Galvus and infuse him with power, making him revive and become more powerful. Galvus easily overpower everyone else. Maam's soul communicates with Dai and her soul does the same that the generals' soul did with Galvus. With this, Dai easily destroys Galvus. The film ends with Maam opening her eyes.


  • Sovereign Rock Castle
  • Hadlar
  • Flazzard (mention)
  • Galvus
  • Vearn (mention)
  • Dai
  • Marin
  • Amy
  • Apollo
  • Maam
  • Baduck
  • Gomechan
  • Popp
  • Matoriv
  • Leona
  • Beglom
  • Zangrey
  • Double Dora
  • Breygun
  • Deathskull
  • Menero
  • Crocodine
  • Hyunckel
  • Avan (mention)



  • Lilirura (unnamed Galvus, unnamed Deathskull, unnamed Menero)
  • Toberura (unnamed Galvus, unnamed Deathskull, unnamed Menero)
  • Frizzle (Apollo, Amy, Marin)
  • Dark Aura: Soul Snatching Magic (Deathskull)
  • Sizzle (Popp)
  • Midheal (mention)
  • Dark Magic (Galvus)
  • Dark Aura: Miasma Field Magic (Deathskull)
  • Fullheal (Leona)
  • Woosh (Dai)
  • Five Finger Flares (Deathskull)
  • Frizz (Dai)
  • Crack (Leona)



  • Dark God Water
  • Zamba Axe[1]


In order


In collaboration with Aoni Production

Uncredited cast


  • Executive Producer
  • Original Story
  • Planning
    • Yoshio TAKAMI
    • Atsushi KIDO
    • Weekly Shonen Jump
  • Screenplay: Junki Takegami
  • Music: Koichi Sugiyama
    • Arrangement: Hayato MATSUO
    • Music Production: Sugiyama Kobo
  • Opening Theme
  • Production Manager: Kenkichi MATSUSHITA
  • Director of Photography: Hidetoshi Watanabe
  • Editing: Masaaki HANAI
  • Recording: Tanekichi IMASEKI
  • Art Director: Nobuto Sakamoto
  • Animation Director: Kenji YOKOYAMA
  • Director: Nobutaka NISHIZAWA
  • Key frame
    • Kimiharu OBATA
    • Yuuji HAKAMADA
    • Tatsuhiro NAGAKI
    • Tetsuya SAEKI
    • Yoshinobu AOHACHI
    • Ken UENO
    • Ikuno SUZUKI
    • Tatsuya ABE
    • Toshie KAWAMURA
    • Hiroyuki YOKOTA
    • Hitoshi INABA
    • Kenji YOKOYAMA
  • In-between frames
    • Hisashi MAWATARI
    • Yuya KISHI
    • Kusunoki Chizuko
    • Yumiko KANNO
    • Nobuko NAKAGAWA
    • Teruko AKAMA
    • Miyoko YAMADA
    • Tsutomu YAMAMOTO
    • Kazufumi TAKANO
    • Naoaki HOUJOU
    • Takeshi Kiya
    • Teruaki Kikunaga
  • In-between frames check: Nakajima Hayato
  • Backgrounds
    • Bic Studio
    • Kyouko NAKAYAMA
    • Masami Hagiwara
    • Fumiyoshi KANAGAWA
    • Katsuhisa KOBAYASHI
    • Kaoru INODA
    • Misa KITAHARA
    • Makiko KONAGI
    • Etsuko OGASAWARA
    • Mika Sekino
  • Art Manager: Minoru NAKAMURA
  • Finishing
    • Yoko OHORI
    • Masae MOTOHASHI
    • Keiko YOSHIZAWA
    • Yasuko HORII
    • Aiko Takiro
    • Yasuko KANNO
    • Kumiko MATSUSHITA
    • Makoto Toyonaga
  • Xerography: Yoshiko Seki
  • Special Effects: Masayuki NAKASHIMA
  • Colour: Tsutomu TSUKADA
  • Check: Susumu KURODA
  • Finishing Manager: Tomoko UEKI
  • Photography
    • T. Nishimura
    • Koji YAMAKOSHI
    • Makoto ITO
    • Masaki KUBOMURA
    • Isao TAKAHASHI
    • Susumu KATSUMATA
    • Masazumi SUZUKI
    • Takamitsu SERA
    • Kenji TANNO
  • Sound Effects: Yasuyuki KONNO (Swara Pro)
  • Recording Assistant: Go Kobayashi
  • Negative Cutting: Masahiro GOTO
  • Recording: Yoshiko HARA
  • Director Assistant
    • Hirotoshi RISSEN
    • Hiromi SAKAI
  • Production Advancement Assistant: Atsushi Okuyama
  • Character Design: Yasushi Nagaoka
  • Director: Tetsuji NAKAMURA
  • Promotion Collaboration: TBS
  • Recording Studio: Tavac
  • Development: Toei Lab
  • ©Toei / Shueisha / Toei Video 1992

Home video

The series was released on VHS format only. A Blu-ray was released 2020. Toei Video released the VHS for rental on 12 March 1993, catalog number VRTM-1352 and JAN 4988101037674, and for retail sale on 25 March 1993, catalog number VSTM-1352 and JAN 4988101037681.


Flazzard is dead and Hadlar reacts alone to the half extinct 6-point symbol. He reacts to the same events but with a crowd in chapter 73

Dai's metal protector is fixed but he is still missing his headgear. His steel broadsword is still functional.

Marin's face is healed

Maam is still part of the party


  • It has an SFX version of the 1991 animated series opening
  • When Hadlar notices that only half of the 6-pointed is lit, the extinguished lights are inverted compared to the source material.
  • Beglom's steed is stated to be a wyvern and Galvus' envoy is a wimp although they look different from their game species.
  • The colour scheme of the 6-pointed symbol of evil is different from what was done in the manga and what the 2020 would later adopt
chapter 15 film 3 2020 series
Pink Mystic General
Blizzblaze Legion
Orange Purple Undead General
Shadow General
Dragon Legion
Shadow Legion
Yellow Blue Furfang General
Blizzblaze General
Furfang Legion
Undead Legion
Unknown Dragon General
Mystic Legion
  • Deathskull managed to send 10 finger flares
  • Welner forest, where the climax takes place, would later appear in the manga's final arc
  • A different kind of hologram than Galvus' one would later be reused in chapter 178 of the manga
  • An unnamed attack similar to Deathskull's Dark Aura blasts would later be used by Vearn, first in chapter 204 of the manga
  • Maam's soul is shown to be yellow in the film but the manga later stated that it was red




  1. Perfect Book

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