Dragon Quest: Your Story (ドラゴンクエスト ユア・ストーリー) is a Japanese anime film based on Dragon Quest V. It's the first Dragon Quest anime that has been produced with 3D computer graphics and computer animation.

The film was first released in theaters in Japan on 2 August 2019 by Toho. It was animated by studios Robot Communications and Shirogumi. The chief director of the film was Takashi Yamazaki with Ryuichi Yagi and Makoto Hanafusa as co-directors. The script was written by Takashi based on the original work by Yuji Horii. Famed Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama was in charge of the music.

Netflix is expected to release the film internationally on 13 February 2020 through its service.[1]


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Main cast

Main staff

  • Chief director: Takashi Yamazaki
  • Director: Makoto Hanafusa, Ryuichi Yagi
  • Script: Takashi Yamazaki
  • Original work: Yuji Horii
  • Music: Koichi Sugiyama
  • Storyboard: Ryuichi Yagi
  • Art director: Makoto Hanafusa
  • Sound director: Keiichi Momose
  • Editing: Ryuichi Yagi
  • General supervision: Ryutaro Ichimura
  • Supervision: Yuji Horii


Japanese fans of the original game did not appear to like film due to the turn of the events that takes place within the plot that deviate from the original to make it an Isekai story, contrary to expectations that it would be an adaptation of the original game story.[2] The film was also criticized for not using the original Akira Toriyama character designs [3] as well as the decision to use regular popular actors instead of professional voice actors.

Author Saori Kumi noticed that the name of the protagonist, Ryuka (Luca), appears to have been taken from the 1993 Dragon Quest V novelization that she wrote, as the protagonist does not have that name in the video game (the default name is Abel), which prompted her to sue the film's production. [4]

In box office sales, the film sold 215,000 tickets, earning ¥309 million JPY ($2.91 million USD) on its first week, placing fifth in the Japanese box office of that week. [5] As of January 2020, Dragon Quest: Your Story has reportedly earned $11,114,288 USD in total from the Japanese box office. [6]




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