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Dragon Quest Heroes II, fully Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End (ドラゴンクエストヒーローズII 双子の王と予言の終わり, Dragon Quest Heroes II: Futago no Oh to Yogen no Owari), is a hack and slash Dragon Quest spinoff game and the sequel of The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below.


Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a long and terrible war. When the war finally ended, the people of the world made a solemn pact never to fight again. The world was divided into seven realms, and peace reigned for a thousand years.

One day, cousins and fellow knights-in-training Lazarel and Teresa reunite in the Kingdom of Harba, far from their Dunisian home. Little do they suspect that the Dunisian army is about to invade, with their old friend Prince Cesar at the helm.

The long-kept peace is broken and the world descends into chaos. With the aid of the High King’s envoy, the cousins must travel to Accordia for a meeting with the Supreme Sovereign of the Seven Realms to find a solution and bring back peace to the world!


Dragon Quest Heroes II features a mix of hack-and-slash combat and more traditional RPG elements. Exploration of the world will be similar to other Dragon Quest games. Players can explore the land and move from one town to the next, while also initiating dungeon-like battle stages. While exploring, players will discover treasure boxes and ingredients. Weather also plays a factor and rain will result in a curse ailment being inflicted on the players during a battle. The two main protagonists, Lazarel and Teresa, have also the unique ability to change Vocation, thusly increasing their overall skills, weapon types and abilities.

Exploration is free to a point; some areas of the map will be inaccessible until the player has proceeded with the main story. "Zoom Stones" can be unlocked through playing the main story and these allow for fast travel to previously visited areas of the map.


Playable Characters[]

Lazarel DQHIITKEP - Razel
Teresa DQHIITKEP - Theresia
Cesar DQHIITKEP - Cesar
Desdemona DQHIITKEP - Ornezé
Carver Heroes 2 - Carver
Maribel Heroes 2 - Maribel
Alena DQHTWTWBB - Alena v.2
Kiryl DQHTWTWBB - Kiryl
Meena Heroes 2 - Meena
Terry DQHTWTWBB - Terry
Jessica Heroes 2 - Jessica Albert
Angelo Heroes 2 Angelo
Ruff Heroes 2 - Ruff
Torneko Heroes 2 - Torneko

Save Data sharing and Explorer's Edition DLC[]

Cross-platform play options and save data sharing are present. Having save data from the previous title grants Luceus and Aurora costumes for this game's protagonists. Dragon Quest Builders save data grants "Builders Wooden Hammer" for the protagonists' use. Downloadable content so far includes costumes, weapons, and multiplayer options.

Items included in the Explorer's Edition are: Slime Knight's Shield, Great Sabreclaws, Robo-Bow, Slime Stack Stick, Imp Fork, Plat o' One Tails, Golem Gauntlets, Drackerang, Goodybag Abacus, Shadowblade, Gem Slime Sword, Night Club, Robo-Razor, Royal Flush and Archdemon Arcs.

Nintendo Switch[]

A Nintendo Switch version was announced and will be released combined with the first game as Dragon Quest Heroes I + IIRagnar McRyan has been added to the main cast of the second game.



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