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DQ4-Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Dragon Quest IV follows the story of Torneko Taloon and his ambitions to become the world's greatest merchant. The chapter follows Torneko from his hometown of Lakanaba to his journey beyond the Trans-Montane Tunnel.

The broken bridge[]

The chapter opens with Torneko being awakened by his wife, Tessie. She tells him that he is late for work, gives him his packed lunch, and reminds him of his dream of someday owning a shop of his own. While in the village, he speaks to the innkeeper who lets him know about a Steel Strongbox in a cave to the north. After equipping himself, he overcomes the cave's traps and finds the strongbox.

Heading south, he finds himself trapped in the small town of Reginhart with an architect, Archie O'Tect, but he manages to get himself out by staying the night at one of the houses there.

Further south, Torneko sees the castle town of Ballymoral where King Shamus is preparing to start a war against Endor, but is frustrated by the broken bridge. The king has called for Archie O'Tect's help in rebuilding the bridge, but Archie is, so far, a no-show. Torneko discovers Finnegan, a prisoner of Ballymoral for unknown crimes, and enables him to escape by handing him a chimera wing. Back in Lakanaba, a grateful Finnegan lends Torneko the use of his dog, Fido, which Torneko then brings to Reginhart, breaking the fox's illusions and freeing Archie O'Tect, who then heads off to Ballymoral.

Setting up shop[]

Following behind, Torneko speaks to Prince Regan, who secretly asks him to bring a letter to Veronica in Endor. When he does so, she informs her father of the letter's contents, prompting him to write a scroll advising Shamus of the love shared between Regan and Veronica, and giving his blessing for a wedding between the two. King Shamus then calls off his war effort, reasoning that the marriage would give Endor to him without bloodshed. When this is done, King Norman, repaying the favour, grants Torneko a license to open a shop in Endor.

After gathering the necessary funds, Torneko buys out the closed shop to the southwest of town and calls his family over. He also manages to fulfill King Norman's order of 6 steel broadswords and 6 suits of iron armour. He then funds the completion of the Trans-Montane Tunnel, and, once it is finished, is among the first to pass through it. This ends the chapter.