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DQ4-Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Dragon Quest IV follows the story of the twin sisters, Meena and Maya on their quest to avenge their father's death at the hands of his pupil, Balzack.

The Secret of Mahabala[]

The chapter opens in the theatre in Laissez Fayre, where Maya is giving her farewell performance before setting off with Meena to avenge the death of their father, Mahabala, at the hands of Balzack.

Heading north, they come to their old hometown, Aubout du Monde, where they learn that their father's other disciple, Oojam, still lives in a cave to the west.

Searching the cave, they find Oojam near the bottom, who tells them that he is well, and has been training for the upcoming fight. He then lends his considerable strength to the cause of vengeance against Balzack and drops hints to the location of the Sphere of Silence if the sisters haven't found it yet.

Further north from their hometown, they find Palais de Léon, where the regent hasn't been seen in some time. Most believe he is hiding in a secret chamber, the location of which is known only to his chancellor.

To the west, they find that Mamon Mine is dying, a victim of a miasma flowing from the mines and monsters that have made the mines their home. Braving the dangers, they reach a couple of miners who give them a Powder Keg, though they tell the party that it's only good for making loud noises.

Back at Palais de Léon, they manage to frighten the chancellor into unwittingly reveal the location of the hidden room where Balzack is, and using the power of the Sphere of Silence, defeat him, but before they can finish him off, they are subdued and imprisoned by the Marquis de Léon. There, they find the old regent, who tells them that they need to take the boarding pass and escape to Endor, as they are not strong enough yet to finish what they started, asking only that they return later to defeat the Marquis.

Heading north to Havre Léon, they use their boarding pass to enter the ship, then it sails off to Endor. The chapter ends when they arrive.