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The Prologue of Dragon Quest IV sets up the story of the Hero. The prologue itself was introduced in the PlayStation version, and used in the Nintendo DS Version as well.


The prologue opens in a Hidden Valley with evening coming, and The Hero having a daily training of swordfighting in the town cellar. He/She doesn't fair so well, but the teacher feels it time to retire for the day, insisting they should both go home.

As The Hero began to head home, a talking frog hops out of the river. She claims that she's really a princess who was cursed by a wicked witch, but that she's happy to live a carefree life, but before making a request, she hops into the cellar as it sounded like someone else was coming. The Hero follows her into the cellar, only to see that his/her friend Eliza is there instead. Eliza's about to deny having seen a frog, but reveals that she turned into it with the Morph spell. She stated that she can turn into anything with it, and demonstrates by turning into a rabbit and hops out, but not before informing her friend that his/her mother finished preparing supper.

The Hero walks around town and visits the teacher, as well as his/her tutor who plans to teach him/her how to use the Sizzle spell soon. The Hero makes it home for dinner with his/her parents arguing whether he/she will have to leave the village someday or not.

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