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Dragon Quest Rivals (ドラゴンクエスト ライバルズ) is a free-to-play trading card game game with characters and monsters from the Dragon Quest series. While the closed beta test started on 9 June 2017, the game was first officially released on Android and iOS on 2 November 2017. A Web browser version was made available through Yahoo! Games on 22 February 2018 and a Nintendo Switch was released on 14 February 2019.


Dragon Quest Rivals is a trading card game (TCG) in which the player has 30 cards in his deck and seven characters to play with, each with different skills. The objective is to decrease the rival's HP to zero. Like in most TCG, the combats are one-on-one. Both combatants have MP to select the cards to be used. Rarer cards require more MP. As the player progresses, so does his stats, also unlocking more cards in the process.

The game has rewards the player with daily gifts, but the player can also pay microtransactions to get more cards and/or extra content. New cards and content is constantly added through updates, free of charge. With the different versions available, the player can link his account in mobile devices, PC and Nintendo Switch to play with the same cards and characters.

Card types

  • Unit card
  • Weapon card
  • Special skill card
  • Hero card
  • Anti-hero card
  • Building card



  • Amelia



The games had been downloaded 7 million times in just the first five days since its launch.[1] By 21 November, the game had already reached 10 million downloads[2] and 12 millions by 18 December.[3]




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